Rowdy Exchange Program Code Update - COVID-19

UTSA has implemented a new COVID-19 program code in Rowdy Exchange for requisitions. This allows us to identify line items associated for purchases and track expenses related to the coronavirus.

The new program code is available for all new requisitions you prepare. Purchase orders created before the new program code can be updated by completing a Purchase Order Change Form so previous expenses can be tracked.

Download the Program Code Update - COVID-19 job aid to view the steps for adding the code to your requisition.


Rowdy Exchange Introduced New User Interface

Rowdy Exchange introduced a new user interface (UI) that provides a common user experience effective. The new UI improves overall aesthetic and expanding usable workspace.

New User Interface Benefits

  • More usable screen space
  • A more intuitive user experience across all solutions
  • A more aesthetically pleasing user experience

New User Interface Experience

  • A new sidebar navigation - includes configurable colors, which allows UTSA to customize the Rowdy Exchange template.
  • The standardization of solutions icons - the left side navigation bar will contain updated solution icons for ease of processing. The icons will vary slightly, but the content information within each icon remains the same. When you click an icon, you will see pullout options for each one.
  • A more streamlined ribbon header - the upper right portion of Rowdy Exchange will contain updated icons for ease of processing. When you click on each icon, you will see available drop-down options.

Download the Rowdy Exchange UI update job aid to view the changes and help you navigate the system.