Budget Planning

Each year during the spring and summer semesters, UTSA engages in a comprehensive annual planning process to determine budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. Our budget planning is informed by our revenues, expenses, projections for the coming year and more. At the end of this process, our budget is reviewed and approved by the UT System Board of Regents.

COVID-19 affected the university in the spring 2020, including many aspects of our daily operations and instruction. While the pandemic will have short- and long-term effects on our financial situation, annual budget planning took place as usual. We submitted our final budget to the Board of Regents in late summer based on the adjusted timetable set by UT System.

Necessary accommodations were made to our budget planning in response to the pandemic. To best position UTSA for a sound financial future, UTSA adopted a proactive approach to managing our resources. Actions taken for fiscal year 2020 - in tandem with conservative planning for fiscal year 2021 - helped prepare for the uncertain economic times to come.

Budget Planning Principles and Administrative Guidelines

Impact to Revenue

Fiscal Year 2020: Managing our Expense Budget

Fiscal Year 2021: Budget Planning

Fiscal Year 2021: Process and Timeline

Fiscal Year 2021: Budget Reductions

Fiscal Year 2022: Budget Planning
Fiscal Year 2023: Budget Planning