Fiscal Year 2023: Budget Planning

The budget development process for FY2023 has started. Discussions took place with the various academic and administrative units across campus, gathering feedback and recommendations on the overall process and anticipated timeline.  After gathering this input, we were able to set our internal schedule based on meeting the UT System deadlines. Provided below are links to the overall timeline and its details.

This schedule provides a high level look at the overall operating budget timeline. It begins with forecasting revenues and transfers in February and March, then continues on to position and cost center budgeting.  Additionally, this schedule provides a glance at the deadlines to submit our final budget to UT System.

This schedule provides a detailed look at the planned internal timeline for each item included in the operating budget. It includes targeted dates to start and finalize projections, position updates, and balancing cost center budgets. The dates continue through the finalization of the operating budget with university leadership. At the end of the schedule, the expected dates for loading the operating budget into PeopleSoft are provided.

This agenda was shared with Hyperion users during meetings held April 7 – April 8. It provides the next steps in our budget development process and provides high level guidance on how to do cost center reviews and balancing in Hyperion. In addition to explaining the goals and process to be followed, the upcoming internal deadlines are also provided.

This guide will aid the Hyperion user in the review and balancing of cost centers during the budget development process. The guide explains in detail the various types of adjustments you may make while balancing your cost center. There are also Hyperion step by step instructions to log in, set user preferences, navigate the various screens, and run reports. Examples of creating various HCR forms are also included.

The HCR form is the required method to request changes to your FY2023 budgets during the cost center balancing phase of budget development. Once the form has been completed, please follow the instructions at the top of the form and email it to and indicate “Hyperion” in the subject line of the email.