Forms and Tools

We created various forms and tools to assist you with processing budget-related transactions. Read through each description to determine which reference material best suits your needs. Contact us if you need additional resources.


Enter Budget Transfer

Budget transfers document journals are created through the “Enter Budget Transfer” page within UTShare/PeopleSoft. Enter Budget Transfer (Budget Transfer) is an automated workflow process that provides verification of allowable transfer, confirmation of sufficient budget prior to routing and automated email notifications. Click here for Budget Transfer job aid.

Last Revised:  10/20/2021

Position Funding (eForms)

Updated Position Funding and Funding Change forms are used to assign and update employee position funding and are located within UTShare/PeopleSoft. eForms are automated workflow documents. Click here for Position Funding job aid.

Last Revised:  10/20/2021


Fund Rules for Budget Transfers

Use this matrix when you are transferring budget between funds to determine if it is allowable. The form guides you on when a Level 1 or Level 2 submittal is required and when there are additional levels of approval required, such as routing to Accounting Services or a research service center.

Last Revised:  08/03/2020

Budget Transfer Departmental Approvers

This is a reference to help you identify the Level 2 approver for each college and division. The list identifies a primary and backup approver for each area. These individuals are included in the budget transfer electronic routing.

Last Revised:  02/22/2022

eForm Funding Request Deadlines

This calendar provides eForm submittal deadlines for each payroll cycle throughout the fiscal year. Refer to this chart when creating an eForm to ensure the department budget table (DBT) can be updated in a timely manner. Also included is reference to the last day to process any retroactive funding changes for the fiscal year. Additional year-end deadlines will be added as we get closer to the end of the fiscal year.

Last Revised: 09/01/2022

Guidelines for Carry Forward Process

At year-end, cost center balances will carry forward based on these guidelines. This document will guide you through the rules that apply to the various fund types.

Last Revised: 07/27/2022