Shared Governance

SharedGov.pngIncentive-based budget models are inherently transparent. They are most effective when there is a high degree of trust and accountability among academic and administrative stakeholders. 

IRM is governed by a collaborative, data-driven process, including regular touchpoints with unit representatives.

The IRM planning and governance process has identified two areas that will be part of a review and recommendation process: Strategic Investment Fund Requests and Operational Support Unit Reviews. Each of these areas will have its own committee composed of faculty and staff representatives from throughout the university.

These committees will be utilized for recommendations related to the requests or the reviews through the decision-making process identified below. 

Strategic Investment Fund Committee

The Strategic Investment Fund Committee reviews funding requests, prioritizes requests, and makes their evaluations available to the University Leadership Council (ULC). The ULC reviews the committee’s evaluations and recommends specific requests to the President's Cabinet for funding. The President's Cabinet makes the final decision on funding allocations from the Strategic Investment Funds.

Operational Review Committee

 The Operational Review Committee completes reviews of auxiliary and support units, providing their reviews to the ULC. The ULC evaluates the reviews and makes recommendations to the President's Cabinet, who use these recommendations to make strategic budget decisions. 

IRM Executive Leadership Structure