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Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates

Hiring Suspension

March 15, 2020

As UTSA moves to our next operational planning phase and given the challenges of onboarding while moving to telecommuting, all staff hiring for positions not defined as mission critical will be suspended until further notice, effective March 15, 2020. This includes postings for new or vacant positions. Planned or in-progress staff job postings or offers will require approval from your area’s vice president prior to submitting to Human Resources.

If you have current job postings, they may remain posted. In-person interviews should not take place until further notice, although phone or virtual interviews are permitted. Alternately, you may opt to remove your posting from the UTSA jobs website and repost at a later date.

Job offers that have been extended and accepted will be honored to the extent possible. For those departments with new hires that have a start date of March 16 through April 30, please contact your Onboarding/Employment Services Specialist for guidance. Any job offers for non-mission critical staff positions should anticipate a start date of May 1 or later.

This hiring suspension does not apply to faculty searches.