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Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates

Telecommuting Information

UTSA's Telecommuting Plan

In March, UTSA transitioned to a primarily remote telecommuting workforce, shifting the majority of faculty and staff from their current on-campus workplaces to temporarily working from home. The decision to shift to telecommuting was made in alignment with local, state and federal coronavirus guidelines. UTSA took this step to help safeguard the health and safety of our campus community and to ensure the continued functioning of critical operations at the university.

All employees are required to work from home except for a limited group identified as critical and essential to maintaining campus operations. These include designated employees within facilities, public safety and a limited number of other campus operational units.

As of May 11, 2020, the period of remote work has been extended through July 31, 2020. In preparation for a return to campus in the fall, a number of tactical teams have been appointed to work on proposals for reopening UTSA’s campuses, with an initial operational plan in place by the end of June. As operations resume, and as the plan to return to campus continues to develop, some staff may be called back to campus sooner than July 31 as proposed by the tactical teams. Employees who are asked to return to campus prior to July 31 will receive advance notification from their supervisors.

Telecommuting Plan for Staff

Division leaders determined which job functions can be performed remotely and which functions must occur on campus. Supervisors worked with employees to:

  • Provide information on employees’ ability to work remotely, based on the assigned functions of their position and the business needs of their department.
  • Complete the new Telecommuting Agreement prior to beginning work off campus. The telecommuting agreement applies to all staff and student employees working remotely.
  • Work with employees to provide necessary tools.
  • Notify employees of the date they were approved to take equipment home and begin telecommuting.

Through the planning process, division leaders identified employees who perform job functions that must occur on campus, limiting their ability to telecommute.

Telecommuting Plan for Faculty

Faculty, by and large, already regularly work remotely at locations away from the UTSA campus, including at their home, in order to fulfill at least some of their duties.

Because this period of remote telecommuting is unusual in its persistence and protracted nature, faculty members were required to complete a Telecommuting Agreement for faculty.

The telecommuting requirement applies to all faculty, including faculty with administrative responsibilities - department chairs and college deans.

Resources for Working Remotely

Staff and faculty are encouraged to visit our Working Remotely page for information on virtual campus operations, technology resources and tips for working from home. 

We understand that responses may be delayed and tasks may take longer to complete when working from home. Staff and faculty should discuss any concerns with their supervisor or department chair.