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STARS - Streamlined Applicant Referral System

STARS is an automated employment system. It is used by hiring managers and their staff for submitting and tracking staff requisitions, and reviewing applications online. Applicants access STARS via the UTSA website and scan for current employment opportunities. STARS is used to hire all benefits eligible staff positions, both internal and external.

Getting Started


Upon initial log on, a hiring manager will see a blank screen with only the tool bars. This is because they have no active Staff Requisitions to display. Active postings are those requisitions that are already posted. Pending are those requisitions that are created (not yet posted) and saved or in the approval process. Historical are those that have already closed or were cancelled.

Any required information is denoted with an asterisk on the left. If you fail to fill in an asterisk area, the system will tell you that there's a mistake on the screen and ask you to correct the error. The area in question will be highlighted yellow.

You have the option of manually going to the different areas of the staff requisition. These sections (tabs) are shown at the top of the screen. You can move from one section to another by clicking on the blue menu bar.

Questions specifically related to the job requirements serve as the basis for applicant screening. It is up to the hiring manager to ensure that the answers provided by the applicant match the information on the application. In addition, HR reviews this information at the point of processing the Hiring Proposal.

Important! If you leave your computer for more than 60 minutes prior to saving or submitting, you will LOSE all your information. So, complete all at once OR, complete the required information (with *), after this step and save it by clicking on "Save w/o submit". Then you may "Continue".

You must always click "Continue to Next page" to move to the last page or Click "Preview Requisition" and save your changes. You will always be asked to confirm actions by clicking on "Confirm". **Once confirmed, your Staff Requisition is saved and can be forwarded to your approval chain for review.**

The requisition number will appear once the position is posted.

The requisition can be returned for rework at any point in the approval process.

Once the requisition is approved by your management chain and Human Resources, the position will be posted.

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To access the system, you must go to the Human Resources website and look for the STARS Referral System button, click on STARS Assistance and Accessing STARS. From there you'll be provided directions on getting to the STARS system. Add the website to your favorites in internet explorer for easier access. Once you're at the STARS Login window, to use the system for the first time, you need to create your user account. To do this, click on "Create user account". Fill in the information requested and make sure you fill in the required fields, marked with an asterisk. The username and password must be at least 6 characters long. Select your department from the dropdown menu and click the right arrow to move your department name into the 'selected' box. You'll notice that there are different types of users. Select one or multiple types, whichever best describes your needs. Once you've submitted your account information you'll be notified via e-mail that your account has been approved. The approval process should generally take less than 24 hours.

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There are 2 ways an admin or hiring manager can create a requisition.  They are:

Creating a requisition from template

  • Select create FROM TEMPLATE. 
  • Click the down arrow on the drop down box for a listing of templates
  • Scroll to select the appropriate job title.  Some fields in the template are already populated because these fields are part of the job description. 
  • If no template exists for the position you are trying to post, use the ‘A Generic’ template.

Creating a requisition from previous – If you have previously posted a requisition with the same title that you wish to use for this requisition

  • Select create FROM PREVIOUS.
  • Locate the appropriate requisition in the list that appears.
  • Open the requisition by clicking ‘create’ beneath the title. 
  • Make changes as applicable.

When creating a requisition there are certain fields that require information.  These fields are indicated with an * on the requisition.  Fields requiring information are:

Job Code – link to job description, job titles & salary ranges provided within requisition
Title of Position – link to job description, job titles & salary ranges provided within requisition
Employing Department/Office
Department posting name (what applicant will see)
Responsible Hiring Manager
Recruitment Type
Benefits Eligibility
Grant Funded
Hours per week
Recruiting Rate– link to job description, job titles & salary ranges provided within requisition
Beginning Salary Flexibility
Pay Basis
Required Education – link to job description, job titles & salary ranges provided within requisition
Substitution-experience for education
Driving requirement
Experience and Other Skills Required – link to job description, job titles & salary ranges provided within requisition
Substitution-education for experience
Description of Job Duties
Supervisor’s Name
Supervisor’s Title
Supervisor’s phone number
Position is (Replacement, New-Audit)
Account Number
Number of Business days to be posted

Questions section of requisition - There are two types of questions in STARS, template (which come with the template and cannot be edited) and posting specific. You should ask applicants job-specific questions related to the requirements of the job. Questions related to the requirements of the job serve as the basis for applicant screening. Approved questions may already exist in the STARS database that relate to your topic. You may want to search by keyword. If so, type your key word in the box provided and press the search button. If not, leave the space blank and press search. You will then get a list of all questions available. To compose your own job-related questions, click on 'create a question'.

A closed ended question is a question that you ask and also provide a list of answers for the applicants to choose from. You should ask applicants job-specific questions related to the requirements of the job. Questions of this type, related to the requirements of the job should be used to screen applicants. You can identify some answers as disqualifying by checking the box. If the applicant selects that answer, they are considered 'not qualified', based on the way they answered the screening question. You will NOT receive applications of applicants that are screened out. Remember, it's up the hiring manager to ensure that the answers provided by the applicant match the information on the application.

An open ended question is a question that requires the applicant to form a response. You will need to choose an option regarding the length of answer you are soliciting. You gain more information about an applicant's skills and experience by asking open ended questions.

Assigning Guest Users - If you plan to have an interview team or committee review your applications, you need to enable 'Guest Users' so they can see the applications on-line.

Guest users can only view information, not edit it. You can only enable 'guest users' when you create the staff requisition; so, it's a good idea to enable this function while you're creating the requisition. The computer will assign a 'user name' for this requisition. The 'user name' will begin with the letters GU, for guest user, followed by a group of numbers. You will be required to assign a password. Sharing both the user name and password with your committee will allow members the ability to view the Staff Requisition and referral applications. The guest user account is unique and assigned to a specific requisition.

Attachments – Appropriate documents should be attached for new positions that are being created (audited). To attach documents, click on the word ' Attach' to the left of the documents shown. Another window will open and give you the opportunity to upload, or copy and paste your documents to this Staff Requisition. If you're not sure of what documents need to be attached, click on one of the links on the left. Filling an existing position does not require attachments.

You must always complete the last step of the process. Scroll down to view the completed Staff Requisition, and if you're satisfied, and want to forward it for approval, "select Submit to ___" and click "Continue". Otherwise, click "Save w/o submit". You will always be asked to confirm actions by clicking on "Confirm". Once confirmed, your Staff Requisition is forwarded to your approval chain for review.

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As an Admin, Hiring Manager or Guest User you can view referral applications. Log into STARS, click on 'View Active' to view postings and click on the Applicants tab to see your list of applicants. Click on View Application under the applicant's name. The application will come up in a separate pop-up window. The application is printable if you need a paper copy. Additional documents (resume, cover letter, etc…) can be opened in the same manner.

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Each referral applicant enters the applicant list with the status of UNDER REVIEW BY MANAGER. When the application has been reviewed the status should be changed to REVIEWED. Those applicants that are granted an interview should be changed to INTERVIEWED. Interviewed applicant that you would consider hiring should be changed to FINALIST. All other applicants should be moved to NOT HIRED.

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The FINALIST Applicant’s name will appear in the applicants tab. Within this tab, the hiring manager or admin user will click “begin hiring proposal” link under the “status” column.  Don't forget at this point a Criminal Background Check Form should have been completed and approved by the police department. The HP will be routed electronically through your chain of command in the same manner in which the requisition was routed. Once Compensation receives the HP and provides approval, the hiring manager may extend the verbal job offer and submit the Hiring Form to Human Resources.

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Page Updated: May 01, 2014