Law School Application Process

  • Meet with your UTSA prelaw advisor.
  • Create your free Law School Admission Council (LSAC) account here.
  • Check “yes” in the box seeking authorization of release of data to the undergraduate prelaw advisor.
  • Research law schools admissions data (GPA, LSAT score, Bar Passage Rate, Cost of Attendance, et cetera). You may use these resources: The Official Guide to ABA- Approved Law Schools and ABA Standard 509 Reports, or XploreJD. Create a list of law schools to apply to.
  • Study for the LSAT at least 250 hours or 3-6 months. Include full-length timed practice tests.
  • Register for LSAT. It includes the LSAT writing. You may alternatively register for the GRE, but make sure the law schools you are applying to accept this test. Take the LSAT -or GRE.
  • Create your Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Account here.
  • Request all your undergraduate transcripts be sent to LSAC.
  • Submit your recommenders’ contact information –once you have secured them. Check here to know who your best recommenders are.
  • Submit your personal statement, resume, addenda, and optional essays through LSAC.
  • Work on your law school application forms in CAS. Purchase the necessary number of law school reports (one for each law school application).

 If  you have specific questions or concerns, contact the UTSA prelaw advisor.