UTSA Certificate in Legal Studies

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), you are not required to have any specific major to be admitted into law school. However, you should acquire important skills, values, knowledge and experience to prepare effectively for law school and the legal career. ABA recommended skills include:

  1. Problem-solving
  2. Critical reading
  3. Writing and editing
  4. Oral communication
  5. Research
  6. Organization and management
  7. Public service and promotion of justice
  8. Relationship-building and collaboration
  9. Background knowledge and 
  10. Exposure to the law

The Certificate in Legal Studies is designed to provide you with substantive skills to hone your analytical and logic reasoning, critical reading and thinking, and writing and research skills. It also encourages your exposure to the law to obtain first-hand experience in the legal field and strengthen your desire to pursue a legal career. The certificate joins your academic coursework with experiential learning opportunities, and courses may count towards your major or minor.

The Certificate in Legal Studies is open to all majors in the University. Students pursuing the Certificate in Legal Studies must complete 15 semester credit hours. Courses that count for the certificate should be taken during fall 2020 and thereafter.

If you are interested in earning the certificate, contact your Certificate Program Advisor, Dr. Ana Alvarez to discuss your certificate degree plan.

Certificate in Legal Studies Curriculum here

Request to Pursue the Certificate in Legal Studies Form here

All Summer Law School Preparation Academy credit courses (12 credits) taken during summer 2021 and thereafter count for the Certificate in Legal Studies. SLSPA Curriculum here. The additional 3 credits must be earned with an internship course. For more information, contact Dr. Ana Alvarez.