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Summer Law School Preparation Academy

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The Summer Law School Preparation Academy (SLSPA) provides an intentional pre-law curriculum, supplemented by experiential learning and networking experiences to assist you gain admission to and excel in law school. SLSPA students have secured acceptances to and enrolled in over 160 law schools throughout the country.

What Makes the Summer Law School Preparation Academy a Premier Pre-law Program?

SLSPA is intentionally designed to help you develop core skills for law school and the legal career. You will take challenging law school-format classes and learn how to think like a lawyer while learning whether you belong in law school and can succeed in a legal career. You will hear from and connect with the legal community and law school admission deans and professors, and experience law school mock classes. You will also have the opportunity to take cost-free LSAT workshops. You will get ready for law school while earning academic credits that law schools will consider for admission. 

What is the SLSPA curriculum? 

SLSPA encompasses four 3-credit courses plus 2 non-credit experiential learning courses that appear in transcripts recognizing your SLSPA participation. SLSPA courses are taught in two phases. Students typically take two 3-credit courses plus one experiential course on each phase. Students usually attend Phase I during their sophomore/junior year and Phase II in their junior/senior year. However, you may attend the complete program if you have at least 30 credit hours. 2024 SLSPA Curriculum and Schedule here


 Additional SLSPA Benefits. Students successfully completing the SLSPA (passing the four 3-credit courses in the SLSPA and earning a credit grade in each of the two non-credit courses will: 1) be bestowed a graduation medallion during the SLSPA Graduation Ceremony (the graduation medallion can be used at UTSA’s Commencement Ceremony), and 2) earn an electronic badge to include in their resume', showing law school admissions and employers all skills learned at the program. 

Cost. Each SLSPA 3-credit course costs as much as any other UTSA 3-credit course.  If eligible, apply for summer financial aid. Tuition and fee estimator here.  

UTSA Certificate in Legal Studies. SLSPA courses count for UTSA Certificate in Legal Studies . Courses taken after fall 2020 count for Certificate. Contact Dr. Ana Alvarez, to declare intention to pursue certificate. 

Experiential Learning 

SLSPA supplements what students learn in the classroom with experiential learning. Law School Preparation Experience I and II are cost-free courses, and students are graded with Credit/Not Credit grades appearing in transcripts. Phase I UCS 4000 Law School Prep. Exp. I features Texas law school admissions professionals, law professors, and panels of diverse legal areas practicing lawyers. You will gain insight into law school admissions, learn in a law school-like environment, and be introduced to the practice of law. Phase II UCS 4100 Law School Prep.Exp. II offers LSAT workshops.

Institute for Law and Public Affairs (ILPA)

ILPA advocates for and supports UTSA students and alumni through pre-law advising and events, - including the Annual Law School Fair, - Certificate in Legal Studies, Summer Law School Preparation Academy, and legal internships for academic credit in UCS4933.

Applying to UTSA Summer Law School Preparation Academy

Eligibility: Open to undergraduate students attending any accredited college/university with at least 30 credits by the end of spring 2024. SLSPA Admission is on a competitive basis.

Priority Admission Application Deadline: March 8. 
Regular Admission Application Deadline:
April 19.

Applications received on or after April 19 will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

Non-UTSA students admitted to the SLSPA will complete an application for admission to UTSA as transient students by May 1st. 

Texas law requires that all students younger than 30 attending a college or university in Texas show proof of vaccination for bacterial meningitis. Learn more about this requirement here.