Latest information on operational modifications for fall 2021 Roadrunner Roadmap

Reporting COVID-19 Cases

Required Reporting

  • Students, faculty and staff who test positive for COVID-19, have COVID-19 symptoms or who have had a close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual should submit a COVID-19 Self-Report.
  • Supervisors or faculty who are informed by an employee or student of their positive COVID-19 status should submit a COVID-19 Case Referral. Case Referrals do not need to be submitted if supervisors or faculty are informed about exposures to COVID-19.
  • Students, faculty or staff who test positive or have been identified as a close contact should observe a quarantine or isolation period consistent with these guidelines and the advice of their doctor.

The COVID-19 Response Team uses information obtained from the COVID-19 Case Referral and the COVID-19 Self-Report to take operational action. The team includes the university’s Chief Medical Officer and staff from Student Health Services, Occupational Health, Housing, Contact Tracing and Business Affairs Administration & Operations.

Once a case referral or self-report is received, the COVID-19 Response Team begins a case investigation and contact tracing for close contacts within the UTSA community. The team carefully assess and responds to each situation, evaluating possible close contacts and determining quarantine and isolation recommendations.