History of the Roadrunner Creed

In 2010, Dean of Students Kevin Price asked Student Life staff members John Kaulfus and Charlin Jones to initiate a student driven process to establish a UTSA Roadrunner Creed. A student committee was formed which included:

  • Felicia Ruiz, Student Government
  • Darian Garcia, Interfraternity Council
  • Simon Fraser, Interfraternity Council
  • Tanya Tijerina, Honors Alliance
  • Emilio Rodriguez, Honors Alliance
  • Kelly Gambill, Honors Alliance
  • Elissa Dougherty, Honors Alliance

Students were surveyed to determine what values, qualities, and characteristics they believed best defined what it meant to be a UTSA Roadrunner.

A writing committee comprised of students, faculty, and staff was formed to craft the results of the student survey into a creed. This committee included:

  • Kevin Price, Dean of Students
  • Charlin Jones, Special Events Center, Chair
  • John Kaulfus, Associate Dean of Students
  • Jan McKinney, Assistant Director, Student Judicial Affairs
  • Janis Bush, Biology Faculty
  • Emilio Rodriguez, Honors Alliance
  • Jeffery Cisneros, Student, History Major
  • Jodi Ierien, Student, English Major
The final version of the UTSA Roadrunner Creed was presented to the Student Government Association which voted to endorse the Creed on September 23, 2010. It was then forwarded to the University's administration and was approved by President Ricardo Romo and UTSA's vice presidents on November 15, 2010.