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UTSA Student Success offers free academic support programs to help students master the material from a broad range of courses. Tutoring and supplemental instruction are available with convenient in-person and virtual options.

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Course Sections TutorMe Tutoring STARS/SI College
ACC 2003 All Yes ACOB
ACC 2013 All Yes ACOB
ACC 2033 All Yes ACOB
ACC 3023 All Yes ACOB
ACC 3033 All Yes ACOB
ACC 3043 All ACOB
AST 1013 All Yes
BIO 1053 All Yes
BIO 1203 All Yes Yes
BIO 1223 All Yes Yes
BIO 1233 All Yes
BIO 1243 All Yes
BIO 2051 All Yes
BIO 2053 All Yes
BIO 2063 All Yes
BIO 2313 1, 2 Yes
BIO 2313 3, 4 Yes
BIO 2313 All Yes
CE 3113 All Yes KLESSE
CE 3213 All KLESSE
CE 3233 All Yes KLESSE
CE 3313 All KLESSE
CHE 1004 All Yes
CHE 1073 All Yes Yes STARS
CHE 1103 All Yes Yes STARS
CHE 1113 All Yes Yes STARS
CHE 1131 All Yes STARS
CHE 2603 All Yes Yes STARS
CHE 3643 All Yes Yes STARS
CS 1083 All Yes Yes
CS 1173 All Yes
CS 1714 All Yes Yes
CS 2124 All Yes Yes
CS 2233 All Yes
CS 3333 All Yes
CS 3343 All Yes
CS 3723 All Yes
DA 6223 All Yes
DA 6233 All Yes
ECO 2003 All Yes
ECO 2013 All Yes ACOB
ECO 2023 All Yes Yes ACOB
ECO 5003 All ACOB
EE 2213 All Yes KLESSE
EE 2243 All KLESSE
EE 2513 All KLESSE
EE 3223 All KLESSE
EE 3313 All KLESSE
EE 3323 All KLESSE
EE 3423 All KLESSE
EE 4313 All KLESSE
EGR 2103 All Yes Yes KLESSE
EGR 2213 All Yes KLESSE
EGR 2323 All Yes Yes KLESSE
EGR 2513 All Yes Yes KLESSE
EGR 3323 All Yes KLESSE
FIN 3003 All ACOB
FIN 3013 All Yes ACOB
FIN 3023 All Yes
FL 1034 All Yes
GEO 1013 All Yes
GEO 1123 All Yes
HIS 1043 All Yes
HIS 1053 All Yes
HTH 2413 All Yes
HTH 2623 All Yes
HTH 3013 All Yes
HTH 3503 All Yes
HTH 3663 All Yes
HTH 4503 All Yes
HUM 2033 All Yes
IS 1003 All ACOB
IS 1403 All ACOB
IS 1413 All ACOB
IS 2053 All Yes ACOB
IS 2063 All Yes ACOB
IS 3033 All ACOB
IS 3073 All Yes
IS 3413 All Yes ACOB
IS 4483 All ACOB
IS 6113 All Yes
IS 6703 All Yes
ITL 1014 All Yes
ITL 2013 All Yes
ITL 1024 All Yes
MAT 1023 All Yes Yes
MAT 1043 All Yes Yes
MAT 1053 All Yes
MAT 1073 All Yes Yes
MAT 1093 All Yes Yes
MAT 1133 All Yes Yes
MAT 1193 All Yes Yes
MAT 1214 All Yes Yes
MAT 1224 All Yes Yes
MAT 2214 All Yes
MAT 2233 All Yes
MBA 5113 All Yes
MBA 5133 All ACOB
MBA 5413 All Yes
MBA 5513 All Yes ACOB
ME 4313 All Yes
MS 1023 All Yes ACOB
MS 3043 All Yes ACOB
MS 3053 All Yes
MS 5003 All Yes
NDT 2053 All Yes
PHY 1603 All Yes Yes
PHY 1623 All Yes
PHY 1943 All Yes Yes
PHY 1951 All Yes
PHY 1963 All Yes Yes
PHY 1971 All Yes Yes
POL 1013 All Yes
POL 1133 All Yes
PSY 1013 All Yes
PSY 2073 All Yes
SOC 1013 1, 2, 6, 7 Yes SI
SOC 1013 3, 4, 5, ON5 Yes
SPN 1014 All Yes
SPN 1024 All Yes
SPN 3063 All Yes
STA 1053 All Yes Yes ACOB
STA 1403 All Yes
STA 2303 All Yes
STA 3003 All Yes
WRC 1013 All

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What students are saying

Alexa Padilla

Alexa Padilla

“I like SI because when I go to the sessions it improves my grades. I keep on coming back because it’s a fun way to learn and a great way to meet people.”

Alyssa Sierra

“I like how there is no judgement with anything we say in an SI session. I like coming back because I feel repetition is important and I don’t get that in class. Here, I can use repetition to help myself learn.”

Alyssa Sierra

Jules Marino

Jules Marino

“I like sessions because it gives me more time into learning the class material and apply the knowledge. I also like how it reinforces everything in class in a different way.”

Pamela Guzman

“I like SI sessions because they give you the one-on-one experience and helps with learning the concepts in a unique way. Participation also helps me learn and the sessions gives me more time to use the material.”

Pamela Guzman

Sharron Menn

Sharron Menn

“I like how sessions are more personal and uses smaller groups to learn. I feel comfortable and more willing to speak in these sessions than I would in class. I also like a more hands on experience for application and this helps me process the information better.”