Have a favorite Google Workspace tool? Office 365 has your back!

Check out our comparison chart:





Google Tool

Microsoft Tool

Email Send email messages to UTSA students, faculty and staff along external parties. logo-Gmail.png logo-Outlook.png
Gmail Microsoft Outlook
Contacts Store email addresses, phone numbers and other information. logo-GoogleContacts.png logo-Outlook.png
Google Contacts Microsoft Outlook
Scheduling Set reminders and organize schedules, due dates and appointments. logo-GoogleCalendar.png logo-Outlook.png
Google Calendar Microsoft Outlook
Documents Create and edit documents. logo-GoogleDocs.png logo-Word.png
GoogleDocs Microsoft Word 
Cloud Storage

Store files in the cloud, share files, and collaborate with others.

For more information on OneDrive, click here

logo-GoogleDrive.png logo-MSOneDrive.png
Google Drive Microsoft OneDrive
Spreadsheets Create and edit spreadsheets. logo-googlesheets.png logo-Excel.png
Google Sheets Microsoft Excel 
Presentations Create and edit presentations. logo-GoogleSlides.png logo-Powerpoint.png
Google Slides Microsoft Powerpoint
Notetaking Take notes on the go. logo-Googlekeep.png logo-OneNote.png
Google Keep Microsoft OneNote