Project Overview

Why are we making the switch?  
Why mid-semester? Why not wait until a semester break?  

I'm a student:

Will my email address stay the same?  
How will I know what my new email address is?  
Does my UTSA passphrase stay the same?  
How will I access my new email?  
What do I need to do prior to October 4?  
I don't use my email account. Can I stick with my preferred email?  
Can I forward my UTSA email to another email account?  
How long will my new email account last after I graduate?  
I'm a student worker. How will I be impacted?  
Will this impact my access to Blackboard?  
Can I still access my old OneDrive files?  
My browser still has me signed into my old email, what can I do?  
How do I setup my email on my mobile device?  

What about my Google data?

Will I lose access to my Google apps?  
What will happen to my data?  
Can I migrate my Google Drive and other Google content to my Microsoft account?  

I'm Faculty/Staff:

I'm Faculty/Staff. How will I be impacted by this email switch?  
What if a student emails me from a personal email address?  
I am faculty, and I'm currently using my Gmail account. What will happen to my Gmail account?  
What about services I use to send email to students? Will those be impacted?  

Getting started with

Migrate Your Data

Get familiar with your inbox

Save your files


Google Takeout


Microsoft Outlook


OneDrive Cloud Storage