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  • Why should I order a ring?
    • The UTSA Ring serves as a symbol of pride and accomplishment. It forms a common bond between past and future graduates. The uniqueness of the UTSA ring is visible in its reflections of the Alamo and the Sombrilla on each side, symbolizing UTSA’s spirit and dedication to the San Antonio community.
  • How many credit hours do I need to order a ring?
    • Undergraduates with 65 or more completed credit hours are eligible to order their UTSA Ring. However, starting September 1, 2024, the credit hour requirement will be raised to 70. 
  • I graduated years ago but did not get my ring; can I get one as an alumnus?


  • I’m not comfortable ordering a ring in person; can I do it online?
  • When is the last day to order a ring for the Spring 2024 Ring Celebration?
    • February 16th, 2024. Any rings purchased after this date will not be eligible to participate in the Spring 2024 Ring Celebration. However, if you purchase your ring after the deadline, you can still participate in future Ring Celebrations.
  • When will the Spring 2024 ring celebration be?
    • The Ring Celebration is planned for Friday, April 5, 2024, from 1-7 PM. Ring recipients are not limited to a particular number of guests and can bring as many family and friends as they wish to celebrate the moment! 
  • Can I still order my ring after the celebration deadline?
    • Yes! You can order your ring at any time by visiting If you miss a Ring Celebration deadline, we invite you to take part in any future Celebration once you have your ring! Simply contact us at to let us know you’re interested.
  • What if I don’t know my ring size?
    • Balfour Representatives will be on campus to assist with ring sizes during Ring Sales each semester. Your finger can also be sized at any jewelry store in your area. If none of those are viable, you can always stop by the Katz Alumni Center, and we will help you find your size!
  • How much do rings cost?
    • Each student has the ability to customize their own ring, including the selection of a precious metal and even a stone. As of August 2023, UTSA Rings begin at $533.00.
  • Are there payment plan options?
    • Balfour offers three-month flexible payments. Purchasers will be given this option at check-out.

Ring Designs and Options

  • What kind of metal can we choose for our ring?
    • Rings are available in Celestrium and Argentium, as well as White Gold and Yellow Gold in 10K, 14K, and 18K, with your choice of Metal Finish, Antique or Natural.
  • What is the difference between 10m and 14k gold?
    • The karat number of your jewelry indicates what proportion of it is made up of gold. Thus, the most fundamental difference between 10K, 14K, and 18K gold is in the amount of gold content.
  • What is an antique finish?
    • Each ring comes with an antique or natural finish. An antique finish is a dark background placed in the grooves of your ring that adds highlights to capture the ring’s detail.
  • Can I order my ring from a different company?
    • The UTSA Alumni Association has an exclusive contract with our friends at Balfour for over 20 years. Therefore, rings by other companies with licensed logos, names, designs, and trademarks will not be approved.

Ring Celebration

  • What is the UTSA Ring celebration?
    • The UTSA Ring Celebration is an event that honors our ring recipients and gives them an opportunity to celebrate their achievements with all of the family and friends that they choose.
  • What do I need to do to participate?
    • If you purchased your UTSA Ring before the Spring 2024 deadline, just wait to hear from us! RSVP information will be sent to the email address listed on the order roughly one month before the Celebration. This will provide details of what you need to do to reserve your spot. If you’re already in possession of your Ring, please email us at 
  • If I’m participating in the Ring Celebration, where do I pick up my Ring?
    • If you are participating in the Ring Celebration, you will pick up your ring when you arrive at the Celebration. In the event that you are unable to make it to the Ring Celebration, you will be able to pick up your ring from the UTSA Alumni Association Office on April 9th and 10th. If you are still unable to collect your ring after ring pick up, it will be sent to the home address listed on your Balfour Order Form.
  • If I received my official ring in another semester and want to participate, can I?
    • Yes! if you wish to take place in our Ring Celebration and missed a previous opportunity to do so, please email us at, and we will provide further instructions on how to RSVP.
  • What happens if my ring doesn’t fit after I order it?
    • Changes in weather, physical activity, or even what you eat can affect your finger size, so we recommend wearing it for a few days before considering any changes in ring size. The ring itself should pull slightly at the knuckle; however, it should also be a comfortable fit for you! If you still feel you require a different size, Balfour will be happy to resize your ring. Warranty information is by calling 1.800.BALFOUR.
  • Can I get a ring and not participate in the Ring Celebration?
    • Yes! Should you not take part in the Ring Celebration, rings will be available for pick-up at another time or will be shipped to you. Recipients will be required to have a form of photo identification when picking up their ring. Should you change your mind, you can also participate in any future Ring Celebration of your choice!
  •  Are non-Balfour rings eligible for the Celebration?
    • Balfour is UTSA's official ring partner. All non-Balfour rings are NOT eligible for Ring Celebration.


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