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Alumna helps H-E-B drive its mission to provide employees with affordable healthcare

Monica Garza ‘18 began her journey at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) in 2016. As a full-time professional, she was in search of a program that could accommodate her work commitments while simultaneously nurturing her curiosity about public administration. UTSA's flexible Master of Public Administration program presented a perfect fit, providing a robust curriculum that integrated academic learning with practical applications.

Throughout her time at UTSA, Garza managed the H-E-B medical plan. Her responsibilities encompassed devising the plan's strategy and design, coordinating with numerous third-party vendors, and overseeing an annual budget allocated for medical expenses. Additionally, Garza acted as the liaison to H-E-B’s healthcare government relations consultants and oversaw all communications for their comprehensive benefits programs and services. 


“UTSA’s program was immensely beneficial, and allowed me to see how public and private sectors can collaborate effectively, especially in healthcare,” said Garza. “After nearly two decades away from higher education, it reacquainted me with university learning. It is so important to understand how my expertise, as a professional, ties into broader business contexts, the community, and society-at-large, which is made evident in a university setting.”

Today, Garza holds an influential position as the Business Services Sales Leader for H-E-B Wellness. She directs her team in Business-to-Business (B2B) opportunities in line with H-E-B's expansion into the healthcare market. Garza’s work at H-E-B exemplifies the application of her MPA, translating theoretical understanding into innovative and effective healthcare solutions for the company and benefitting thousands of H-E-B Partners, customers, and community members throughout Texas. Learn more at

Garza’s relationship with UTSA has continued since her graduation. She has made it a point to stay connected, often returning to the Downtown Campus to share her experiences and insights with current graduate students. Most recently, she joined the UTSA Alumni Association’s Board of Directors to ensure UTSA’s further growth, vitality, and continued commitment to remain engaged with the university’s more than 151,000 alumni.

“I’m thrilled to join UTSA’s Alumni Association Board. It gives me an opportunity to give back to UTSA and to be engaged with the university that I've really come to respect and love here locally,” shared Garza. “I know first-hand how education and advocacy can really change the path of your life.”

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