Assessment & Reviews

Continuous Assessment

UTSA leadership is committed to ongoing collaboration with revenue and support units to refine the IRM model, develop processes that work for all units, and incentivize activity growth and cost effectiveness. Through the IRM shared governance process, leadership is regularly in contact with academic and administrative stakeholders to evaluate the budget process and adjust as necessary. 

Each year, the University Finance Team reviews model inputs and effectiveness. Through a decision-making process supported with reliable data and analysis, policies and procedures are updated to ensure continued fiscal accountability and management of resources.

Huron Interim Reviews

UTSA engaged Huron Consulting to provide feedback regarding the university’s progress toward implementation of the Incentivized Resource Management (IRM) budget model. The review provides senior leadership with perspective on the IRM model given the efforts to date focused on implementation, as well as to assess impacts resulting from pandemic and its effects on UTSA.

Huron engaged the university community in its review, conducting interviews with more than 50 campus stakeholders representing academic, auxiliary and support units. Their findings are shared below and have informed modifications to the model.

Reports and Presentations

IRM Budget Model Check-in Report (April 2021)

UTSA IRM Budget Model Check-in Presentation (August 2021)