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Stipends and Fellowships

What are Stipend and Tuition Payments?

Stipend and tuition payments are departmental awards that are offered through sponsored programs within various colleges. Some are grant-funded sources in which students are required to perform research. Tuition payments are applied to tuition and fee charges while stipends are disbursed in monthly installments.

How are students awarded?

Students are awarded through the individual university departments. The department will send Financial Aid & Scholarships a Notice of Award Form to award students a stipend and/or pay for tuition and fees.

How is the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships notified?

Each department submits the required paperwork for tuition and stipend payments. Depending on the type of fund and student awarded, the paperwork may first need to be routed through the Research Service Office and/or Payroll Office for approval before reaching our office. Typical processing time can range anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. Financial Aid & Scholarships is not authorized to award you unless we have received an award notice from the department. The scholarship team ensures awards are disbursed to students in accordance with federal, state, and institutional regulations.

In what format do students get paid and/or refunded?

If you are awarded a tuition payment, the award amount will be applied to tuition and fees only (or one or the other depending on the award). Students do not receive a refund for tuition payments.

If you are awarded a stipend, payments are paid in monthly installments, or as a lump sum as directed by the department. Financial aid disburses stipend payments at the end of each month, usually around the 25th, so students will receive their stipend payment on the first of each month. Fiscal Services will generate refunds once payments have posted provided recipients do not have a balance.

Will I be eligible for in-state tuition if I am awarded a stipend?

Only if the award is designated as a Competitive Scholarship. Students are eligible for in-state tuition rates if the scholarship awarded has been approved as competitive by the office of the UTSA Vice-President of Student Affairs. Financial Aid & Scholarships will inform Financial Services to waive the non-resident tuition for recipients receiving a competitive scholarship in the academic year.

A scholarship must meet strict criteria established by the State of Texas in order to be approved as competitive. As such, not all scholarships that award a stipend are approved as competitive.

Am I still eligible to receive a stipend if I am a financial aid recipient?

Yes. The policy is to award students receiving stipends and tuition payments the maximum amount based on regulations. Undergraduate students who are eligible for federal and/or state aid and are awarded stipends will be awarded the maximum they are eligible for plus the stipend funds not to exceed the cost of attendance determined by Financial Aid & Scholarships (Pell Grant will be stacked on top of stipend/scholarship amounts). The only fund awarded in combination with a stipend/tuition payment that will be allowed to exceed the cost of attendance is the Pell Grant. All other federal and/or state aid in combination with the stipend/tuition payment cannot exceed the total cost of attendance.

Graduate students receiving stipends/tuition payments can receive other federal and state aid in combination with the stipend/tuition payment provided the total amount awarded in federal/state aid and stipend/tuition payment does not exceed the designated cost of attendance.

I will only be enrolled as a part-time student, am I still eligible to receive my stipend?

Each individual university department awarding the scholarship sets the enrollment and GPA requirements. Disbursements on stipends are prevented if the student does not meet the enrollment or GPA requirements at the time of disbursement. Departments are contacted on students not meeting the requirements for resolution. We cannot release the stipend until approval is given.

Stipends and Fellowships- Information for Departments

How does the Stipend process work?

Departments complete a Notice of Award (NOA) form to request stipend and tuition payments for students.

Forms are routed to the Research Service Center first if a grant account is to be used to award a stipend or tuition payment.

Forms are to be routed to payroll if the student is a non-U.S. citizen being awarded a stipend. Students receiving tuition payments only, do not require review from payroll.

The forms are routed to the office of Financial Aid & Scholarships for processing.

Fiscal Services processes refunds for stipend payments.

I submitted stipend requests last week. Why is there a delay?

Many factors can contribute to a delay in processing your requests. In the event that your requests cannot be processed, you will be notified of the delay.

The most common occurrences are missing signatures from Research Service Center and/or Payroll. Forms will not be processed without all required signatures.

To allow stipend and tuition awards to disburse through Banner, all accounts must be assigned a Banner fund code. New accounts require set up before they can be posted. This process extends the processing time since it requires collaboration between the Financial Aid & Scholarships office and Financial Services to establish the fund codes.

During peak season all requests are subject to a 5-10 business day turnaround time. Turnaround time begins when the request is received in the Financial Aid & Scholarships office.

Why didn’t the student receive their stipend?

Stipends will not disburse if the student does not meet the enrollment or GPA requirements. Graduate and Doctoral students are required to be enrolled a minimum of 9 hours and have a 3.0 GPA. Undergraduate students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours and have a 3.0 GPA. Departments will be contacted regarding students not meeting the enrollment and GPA requirements. If you have given prior authorization to release a stipend based on a certain GPA or enrollment, we will release the stipend based on your instructions. We will not release the stipend until approval is given.

How do I complete the Notice of Award Form?

Please view our policy and procedures link below for instructions on how to obtain, complete and submit the required forms.

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