Catalog and Course Inventory Management Information for Faculty and Staff

The Office of the Registrar maintains the University's course inventory and publishes Student Policies, the Undergraduate Catalog, and the Graduate Catalog.


The Catalogs are published on a two-year cycle (electronic format only). Revisions in academic programs and courses in the catalog should anticipate program and course needs over the two academic years following publication (Year 1: Fall, Spring, Summer; Year 2: Fall, Spring, Summer).

Departments should refer to the Academic Programs and Agreements website for information regarding processes and procedures for development of new programs and courses at UTSA. Also see Developing Graduate Degree Proposals on The Graduate School website.

Catalog revisions must be made in the online catalog management system (CourseLeaf). Log into CourseLeaf ( using your myUTSA ID (abc123) and passphrase. Use Firefox or Chrome web browsers. 

To request access to CourseLeaf or help logging into the system, contact

CourseLeaf Catalog and Course Inventory Training

To schedule a training for your department, please contact Catalog Editor.

Catalog Revision Procedures

Catalog Revision Timelines

2024-2026 Undergraduate Catalog

2025-2027 Graduate Catalog

  • 2025-27 Graduate Catalog Revision Schedule
  • 2025-27 Graduate Catalog Revision Instructions

  • For questions about catalog and course inventory production, please contact

    Past issues of the Student Policies, Undergraduate Catalog, and Graduate Catalog are located on the UTSA Course Catalog Archive page.

    Catalog Mid-Cycle Updates

    The catalogs are published on an alternating two-year cycle in electronic format only. The online catalog is the official version and thus must remain a predominantly static document for the duration of the two years. Once published, very limited changes may be made before the next catalog revision cycle.

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    Course Inventory

    The course inventory is the set of courses that the university is authorized to teach by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). Only courses that are listed in the course inventory may be counted for formula funding.

    If a course is taught without being in the course inventory, student credit hours and state funding for that course are lost for that semester. If students are enrolled only in courses not listed in the official course inventory, they will not be included in the official student count for the semester. The course inventory is updated annually in the fall for the following academic year.

    A new course or a change to an existing course must be recorded in the inventory before it may appear in a university catalog.

    The addition of a new course, a change to existing course, or the deletion of an existing course is made within the CourseLeaf Course Inventory Management (CIM) System. To request access to CourseLeaf, contact

    Note: The course inventory update process will use the CourseLeaf Course Inventory Management System. See training dates above or contact

    Removal of Untaught Courses from Catalog and Inventory

    Untaught courses listed in the catalog lead students to believe these courses will be available.

    From Reporting and Procedures Manual for Texas Public Universities, Texas Higher Educational Coordinating Board Education Data Center:

    The inclusion on the inventory and in college catalogs of courses not offered may mislead students about the breadth of learning opportunities at an institution. Any course untaught as an organized class or individual instruction course for four consecutive years will be automatically deleted from the course inventory. The Coordinating Board will furnish annual records of untaught courses deleted to help each institution keep its course inventory up-to-date.

    A list of all untaught active courses in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board inventory will be sent to academic departments at the start of each catalog revision cycle for review and consideration for deletion from the next catalog and course inventory.

    For questions about catalog and course inventory production, please contact

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    Student Policies

    UTSA Student policies (formerly Information Bulletin) is published each summer (electronic format only) for the following academic year (Fall, Spring, and Summer). Student Policies is a static document for the duration of the year and all revisions must be made during the regular annual update process.

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