Latest campus and coronavirus information Roadrunner Return Fall 2020


Living on campus is an important part of the Roadrunner experience for our students. On-campus housing has remained open for students throughout the summer, and we are looking forward to welcoming more students to our residence halls this fall.


Residence Halls will be open

UTSA-owned, on-campus residence halls will remain open for the entire fall semester for students who choose to live on campus. Apply now for on-campus housing.

Residents will live as “family units”

Residents will be grouped into “family units." A family unit is two or more students who share a bathroom or common living area. Residents within family units will be responsible for maintaining personal hygiene and utilizing CDC-recommended cleaning standards throughout their unit, including their bathroom.

Family Units will remain together during daily activities

Family units will remain together while dining, studying and socializing, limiting close interactions with outside groups. No guests (UTSA or non-UTSA) will be allowed in UTSA-owned residence halls while social distancing measures remain in effect.

Common areas will be cleaned frequently

Public areas such as community kitchens, common area restrooms will have occupancy limits and will be cleaned at least twice per day. They also will be stocked with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes for the benefit of people using those spaces. Residents will be responsible for cleaning shared kitchenettes and bathrooms.

Common spaces such as multipurpose rooms and seminars rooms may be limited or closed to support social distancing. Pools and sports courts will be closed.

Staff and residents will be trained on public health measures

Housing & Residence Life is developing training for all staff, including resident assistants, on appropriate health and safety measures. Student residents will be trained on how to live safely away from home.

Move-in will be contactless

Housing & Residence Life is developing procedures for contactless move-in to promote the health and safety of student residents and their families.

Face coverings will be required in common areas

Masks will not be required in living spaces for members of a family unit, but will be required in common areas

Special considerations 

Residence halls will operate at near-full capacity, though some rooms will be set aside for any students who made need to self-quarantine. Meals will be provided in-room for those who are in isolation.

After Thanksgiving

Residence halls will remain open when instruction moves to remote learning mode only after Thanksgiving.

There will be no cancellation fees for changes in housing contracts

Students who signed contract addendums for UTSA-owned housing (Alvarez Hall, Chaparral Village and Laurel Village) in June 2020 may make changes without incurring cancellation fees until August 3. UTSA Housing will reach out to students with housing contracts to confirm their plans.

University Oaks and Chisholm Hall are owned and operated by Campus Living Villages (CLV), a private third-party company that operates under a ground lease with UTSA. As part of our contractual obligation with CLV, those properties are listed in the overall housing program at UTSA. However, we have underscored that University Oaks and Chisolm Hall are separate from the properties that UTSA owns and manages. Students who lease in University Oaks and Chisolm Hall are contracting with CLV, a private company, separate from UTSA, and are subject to the terms and obligations of its contract.

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