Latest campus and coronavirus information Roadrunner Return Fall 2020


The Research Excellence and Graduate Education Recovery Tactical Team created an initial Phased Recovery Plan to guide on-campus research activities.

On-campus research activities and doctoral training opportunities resumed June 1st with these parameters in place to safeguard the UTSA community.

On-campus laboratories are currently open with research activities ongoing. Guidelines for those working in laboratories have been put in place, including social distancing, safety and disinfection protocols, and compliance training that adhere to local, state and federal protocols and recommendations.


Mandatory Compliance Training

Everyone – faculty, staff, and students– returning to campus must complete the mandatory compliance training as developed this summer in accordance with all recommended and required guidelines. 
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Laboratory Disinfecting Protocols

Cleaning and disinfecting shared research spaces and surfaces to slow the spread of coronavirus related illness is a communal responsibility. Current protocols were adapted from EPA and CDC guidelines.
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Doctoral Education and Research

Following strict guidelines, on-campus research activities and doctoral training opportunities resumed June 1. In the fall, all graduate students may resume research activities. Principal investigators and lab managers continue to be responsible for making accommodations as needed.

Undergraduate Research Activities

Undergraduates supported by federally funded projects may participate in research activities in the fall semester. Others will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the respective dean with the AVP for Research Integrity with consideration given to public health. Principal investigators and lab managers will be responsible for making accommodations as needed.

Laboratory Checklists & Forms

Access and download applicable research-related forms.
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Emergency Contacts

In case of an emergency (fire, injury, immediate danger), contact UTSA PD at 210-458-4911. For other elevated safety concerns relating to research, contact Laboratory Safety Division and Facilities.
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COVID-19 Related Complaint Procedures

Guidelines have been established to address COVID-19 related concerns as they are reported to the University. All concerns will be referred to the appropriate university office to review the incident for determination of how to properly address the situation. The Office of Institutional Compliance & Risk Services (OICRS) has established an electronic database to compile reported concerns, which can be used for administrative or other purposes deemed appropriate by university leadership.