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Please feel free to contact us with questions, ideas, or concerns at or by completing the form linked here.

Questions, Ideas, or Concerns

Do you have a question, idea, or concern for Staff Senate? Please fill out this form to submit your question, idea, or concern. We recommend taking a look at the FAQs and resources below to check if there are already resources for your issue. Staff Senate may not be able to address individual concerns. We welcome questions, ideas, and concerns that may apply to and affect several staff members at UTSA. If you are in doubt, please submit your issue, and we’ll take a look! 


Questions and Concerns Evaluation Process 

  1. Submit your question, idea, or concern through the form on the website.  
  2. Your submission will be received by Staff Senate and will escalate as necessary. At any point during the following chain, the question, idea, or concern may be resolved. 
    • Staff Senate email address, QIC Committee co-chairs 
    • Staff Senate QIC Committee 
    • Staff Senate Executive Committee 
    • Staff Senate 
    • University Leadership Committee 
  3. If you have entered your email address, you will receive a copy of your submission. You may also receive an email asking for more information or your resolution.  
  4. Resolution can include, but is not limited to, any of the following: 
    • Staff Senate decides they cannot take up the issue. 
    • The issue can be resolved by a response via email. 
    • Staff Senate will provide the submitter with additional resources to resolve the issue. 
    • Staff Senate will take up and vote on the issue. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Health insurance is part of Employee Benefits at UTSA. You can call the office at 210-458-4250.

Information about work modalities is available on the Work Modalities page through People Excellence.

A good starting point may be the University Ombuds office. Contact them at 210-458-5605 or

Most UTSA staff members are considered mandatory reporters, or responsible employees. These employees are "required to report incidents of alleged prohibited conduct under UTSA HOP Policies, Title IX and State Law to the university." You can file a report at the EOS and Title IX Incident Report Form.

Staff Senators are elected each year. More information coming soon!