Campus Services

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Programs created through Student Activities staff enable students at UTSA to become involved on campus, develop lasting relationships, create support networks, and attend educational and entertainment programs. The primary purpose of Student Activities is to lay the foundation of leadership development, cultural awareness, and community service.

Hours of Operation

Main Campus Student Activities Office (HSU 1.210)

Fall and Spring Semesters
Monday-Thursday: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Summer and Breaks
Monday-Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Main Campus Student Organization Complex (SOC) (HSU 2.206-1)

The Student Organization Complex, adjacent to Student Activities and on the floor above Student Activities, is the hub of student organization activity. The Student Organization Complex creates a community environment in which students develop relationships with staff members and other student leaders and use shared resources to conduct business and develop collaborative programs.

Main Campus Graphics Room

The Graphics Room is a workroom for student organizations to use when making banners or working on projects. Markers, butcher paper, and helium are available free of charge for student organizations. Due to the popularity of this service, student organization must sign up for a time slot at the front desk of Student Activities. The maximum time allotted per group per day is two hours.

The following guidelines have been established so everyone can continue to take advantage of this great service. If the guidelines are not followed, a student organization may lose their Graphics Room privileges.

  • Come to Student Activities to check out the key; you will be required to leave a form of identification.
  • Hang paper from the corkboard, using pushpins. Do not hang paper from any other wall using any other method.
  • Use only pencil to trace on butcher paper.
  • Place the paper on the floor to use paints and markers. Do not use paints or markers on walls or counter top; they will bleed through the paper.
  • Do not use glitter.
  • Do no use spray paint.
  • Do not mix paint colors/brushes.
  • Do not remove any equipment or supplies from Graphics Room.
  • Do not paint or any other arts and crafts outside of the Graphics Room.
  • Throw away all trash before leaving.
  • Return room key to Student Activities.
  • Any damage done to the room during the reservation period will be the responsibility of the organization.


Leadership Library

The Leadership Library is a growing collection of books, workbooks, newsletters, journals, and video and audio tapes on a wide variety of leadership and personal development topics. The library is open to all students, faculty, and staff, and is located in the front of the Office of Student Activities (HSU 1.210). Resources are available on such topics as "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," leadership styles, icebreakers and team builders, diversity awareness, AIDS/HIV, and stress management. A list of the items in the Leadership Library can be found in RowdyLink under Organizations, then Student Activities Documents.

If interested in an item, notify Student Activities. He/She will have you log out the item. Items will be stamped with a return date (two weeks). Return item(s) by the date that is stamped on the item(s) you have borrowed. Any item that is lost and/or not returned to the Leadership Library will be the responsibility of the last individual/student organization that checked it out.

Leader Series

Leader Series, sponsored by the Council of Student Organizations, provides workshops covering organizational management to student organizations. These workshops are presented by student leaders and/or professional staff members with experience on the subject. Past presentations have included officer transitions, team building activities, retreat planning, fundraising and sponsorships, parliamentary procedure, program planning, and publicity.

Leader Tips

Leader Tips are quick references available on-line for student organizations. The reference sheets help student leaders and student organizations develop in a variety of areas. Topic include how to write minutes, team building, brainstorming, etc. The offering of Leader Tips is expanding constantly, so visit the list on RowdyLink.

Speakers' Bureau

The Speakers' Bureau is designed to help students, faculty and staff find qualified speakers on a variety of subjects. The Speakers' Bureau provides a list of topics on which UTSA faculty, staff and alumni are willing to present free of charge. Topics cover such areas as leadership, personal and professional development, current affairs, and social issues. The list provides the session titles, speaker's name, email and phone number can be found in RowdyLink under Organizations, then Student Activities Documents.


Literature Racks

Literature racks are available for student organization brochures. The literature racks are located in the Student Organization Complex at the Main Campus. Student organizations are encouraged to place literature about themselves in this location for members of the UTSA community as well as prospective students to learn more about the organization.


The staff within Student Activities are available to assist student organizations with program planning for events-large and small. We can walk student organizations through all the steps involved in planning and executing an event (brainstorming, research, logistics, publicity, decorating, catering, equipment, etc.). In addition, we can troubleshoot any potential problems and help the organization minimize risk.
Involvement Fair

The Council of Student Organizations (CSO)

is a resource for student organizations to assist in many different avenues. CSO will host two involvement fairs at the beginning of each semester at the Main Campus and Downtown Campus.


CSO offers a monthly Townhall for Student Organizations to review policy and procedure updates, share upcoming event information, and allow Student Organization the opportunity to share any feedback to the Council. Additionally, Townhalls will serve as a space for small leadership development workshops and RowdyLink trainings.

CSO Lead Series

In conjunction with the Student Leadership Center, CSO offers a monthly workshop series. The New Student Leader workshop series covers the basics of running and managing a student organization. Additionally, the Advanced Leader workshop series discusses in depth leadership on a variety of topics. In conjunction with the workshops, each month CSO will host a Facebook Live video series that will discuss hot topics on leadership.

Membership Uploads

Does your organization need help managing your roster each semester? CSO can help you do a membership upload. Membership uploads include the start of a new member in your organization to ending their membership due to graduation, leaving the university, or no longer being involved in the organization. You submit an Excel file with the required information in order for this request to be processed. Contact to request the formatted Excel file.


If your organization loves participating in volunteer opportunities please contact Volunteer Services at Volunteer Services can assist your organization with finding current service projects or assistance in building an opportunity that meets the needs of your membership.


The Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice is committed to fostering a campus culture that promotes active engagement through service and social justice. We seek to empower and develop all members of the UTSA community to celebrate our diversity and enrich our community by providing varied educational opportunities and support services. For more information on services provided please contact the Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice at


Leadership Takeover
Leadership Takeover is a free one-day leadership conference that provides an opportunity for UTSA students to gain invaluable personal and leadership skills through educational sessions, roundtables, peer-to-peer interactions and a keynote presentation by a nationally recognized speaker. Leadership Takeover occurs every year in the spring semester. Be sure your organization sends representatives to the conference every year.


UTSA has established a Student Ombudsperson who is available to assist students who are encountering challenges within the campus community. The Student Ombudsperson provides assistance to all students in a welcoming and safe environment and communicates with various representatives and offices to respond to and help resolve concerns in a timely manner. The Student Ombudsperson listens to the student's concerns, provides and clarifies information, identifies and evaluates options, acts as a facilitator or mediator, serves as a referral agent, and makes recommendations for change to enhance the mission of the University.

The Student Ombudsperson is located in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs in the Main Building (MB) 4.108 and may be reached at 210-458-4136 or