Student Organization Requirements and Recommendations

Annual Registration for Existing Student Organizations (required)

Existing student organizations are required to register once a year on RowdyLink, but are required to immediately update any changes in organization's representatives or contact information.

Registration for the next academic year begins in April. Those organizations not registered by the tenth (10th) class day of the Fall Semester will have the privileges registered student organizations in good standing enjoy (e.g. workspace, bulletin board, reservations, postings, etc.) frozen until they register.  The registration process for both returning and new organizations is done on-line at

In the upper right hand corner is the "Log In" button. Use your UTSA ID (abc123) and password to log in. Once you log in, go to "Organizations" at the top of the screen. Find your organization by either using the directory (the letters on the left side) or searching (button on left side). Once you find the organization, click the button under the name that says "Register this Organization".

Carefully read the instructions during the registration process to ensure that the registration will be accepted.

State Mandated Risk Management Training (SMRMT) (required)

  • Every fall semester, the Office of Student Activities will host the State Mandated Risk Management Training.

All organizations must send two representatives to one of the scheduled trainings.

  • If an organization does not have the minimum required members in attendance to one of the fall State Mandated Risk Management Training sessions, the organization will lose recognition for that semester.  The organization will have the opportunity to attend a State Mandated Risk Management Training session at the beginning of the spring semester.  
  • In addition, advisors must attend a State Mandated Risk Management Training session for advisors only. This includes the faculty/staff advisor(s) on record and any off-campus, primary advisor that may be an alumnus/a of the university or the organization (i.e. Chapter Advisor, Alumni Advisor, Graduate Advisor, Campus Minister, etc.).
  • Organization Risk Management Compliance will be issued when the organization has:
    • had the minimum number of students attend State Mandated Risk Management Training;
    • held a Risk Management information meeting for their organization;
    • submitted completed Compliance paperwork regarding information meeting by due date;
    • been recorded as "Complete" in the Student Activities Risk Management Database.
  • If an organization fails to complete these steps, the organization is not in compliance and therefore is no longer a registered student organization and has no rights and privileges on campus (including, but not limited to, reserving space, postings, workspace, and bulletin boards). 


Any new organization registered by the last day of the semester will be required to attend the State Mandated Risk Management Training held in the following semester. 

Disclosure of Solicitation: Financial Statement Due Each Semester (required)

Each registered student organization shall, within 30 days after the beginning of each long session semester, file with Student Activities a statement fully disclosing the sources and amounts of money obtained from solicitations during the preceding semester or summer session and fully disclosing the purposes and amounts of the expenditures made during the preceding semester or summer session. Any organization failing to comply with the provisions of this Subsection shall be prohibited from solicitation activities until the organization files the required report. (Rules and Regulations of The Board of Regents of The University of Texas System, Series 80103, Section 4)

Registered Student Organization Orientation

All student organizations should attend the Registered Student Organization (RSO) Orientation, typically offered August and the RSO Transition Training.  These sessions will take place on campus at a day and time set by the Senior Associate Director.  The sessions are an opportunity to provide training to every student organization and to discuss any issues that have arisen during the last year or any changes that affect student organizations.

End of Year Review Report

Record keeping is an important part of maintaining a student organization and transitioning an organization's leadership. Keeping a history of your student organization will help not only student leaders, but all members, know what has worked well in the past, what has already been done in the past, and what traditions or special events should be carried on into the future.

Each organization may choose the format that works best for their purposes. This report can include successes, areas of improvement, advice for the future, program evaluations, program ideas, total service hours, philanthropic events completed, amount of funds raised, thoughts from the leadership about ongoing traditions, problems faced throughout the year, major achievements, training for leadership, team-building for the organization, etc. It is strongly recommended that each organization upload their annual report to its RowdyLink page at the same time each year it generally transitions to new officers.