Sponsored Student Organization Approval Process

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  • Review the Student Organization Relationship Statement as it relates to sponsored student organizations.
  • Advisor(s) and student organizers schedule a meeting with the Director and Associate Director of Student Activities to review the creation process, rights, responsibilities, and privileges extended by the sponsoring office.
  • Develop a formal proposal to start a new sponsored student organization and present it to the Associate Director of Student Activities. A completed proposal should address the following thoroughly and should include appropriate supporting documentation:
  • Name of student organization, sponsoring office, student organizers' contact information, and advisor(s)' contact information.
  • Purpose of student organization. This statement should define the services/programs the student organization will offer to UTSA students, which are not currently available, and/or not being delivered effectively through existing organizations.
  • Explanation of how this student organization meets the definition of a sponsored student organization:  An organization created by a University department or division to support the ongoing interests of the University community.  A sponsored student organization is considered to be critical to the mission and culture of the University and is inherently linked to the University due to their role as University representatives; thus a sponsored student organization is an integral part of the institution.  A sponsored student organization routinely presents events for the University and surrounding community.  The activities and events of these organizations are considered to carry a higher level of risk because of their scope and perceived association with the University.  Other privileges may be granted to sponsored student organizations by the sponsoring University department or division, which may or may not be extended to other student organizations. 
  • Demonstrated need from students that the proposed sponsored student organization will provide programs/services, which are not currently provided through existing methods. Examples of supporting documentation include petitions from interested students, evaluations, Advisory Committee meeting minutes, etc.
  • Draft of Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Proposed operating budget and funding sources.
  • Roles, job descriptions, and/or duties of student officers & members.
  • Action plans for student organizers and advisor to recruit members and begin providing programs.
  • Description of support the sponsoring department or division will provide for the student organization (i.e. office supplies, budget, workspace, training, etc.)
  • UTSA job description of the full-time staff member that will serve as an advisor.  It is critical that the advisor job responsibility not be tied to a person, but to a position within the department or division; as should the position become vacant it is necessary for the next person in the position to assume the advising of the sponsored student organization.
  • Student Activities reviews proposal, gathers outside information if needed and makes a recommendation to the Vice President for Student Affairs. Additional meetings between the Student Activities Office, organizers and the advisor(s) may be necessary before a recommendation is forwarded to the Vice President for Student Affairs.
  • Vice President for Student Affairs approves or denies Sponsored status.