DocuSign Sender Permissions

Designated employees in departments will have Sender permission in DocuSign. This role does not allow the user to create templates, but a Sender can access uploads and templates that Authors have created and send these documents to others for review and signature.

Before using DocuSign to send documents to others, it is required that Senders review the following materials. Most of the videos are only a few minutes in length. Many additional resources are available in DocuSign University and in DocuSign support.

How to access Sender permission in DocuSign:

  1. Senders are identified and trained by Authors within the department. Videos and documents are available for Senders to view if Author wants to use these for training.

  2. Senders should be familiar with institutional data policies and FERPA/HIPPA policies that may apply to items within documents being sent.

  3. After the Author is satisfied that the Sender is sufficiently trained, the Author will send a permission change request to Tech Café through a service request emailed to: The eSignature Administrator will make the necessary changes with the system.

Resource Description Resource Access
UTSA Video

Review the DocuSign 101 video by going to: DocuSign 101 Video

DocuSign Support: Sending envelopes in DocuSign

Go to:

DocuSign University: Sending an envelope with a template

Log in using your UTSA credentials and single sign-on at:

At the search bar on the top of the screen, type in “DocuSign” to see the “Sign a document assigned to you in DocuSign” video

DocuSign University: Share a DocuSign template

To sign into DocuSign University, go to: and click “Log In with Your DocuSign Credentials,” and follow the instructions using your UTSA credentials

Search for “Share a DocuSign template” in the search bar

LinkedIn Learning Video: Format and send a document for others to sign

Log in using your UTSA credentials and single sign-on at:

At the search bar on the top of the screen, type in “DocuSign” to see the “Format and send a document for others to sign” video

DocuSign Support: Reporting overview

Go to:

UTSA HOP Policies

UTSA Institutional data policies:

UTSA Extended Category 1 data guidelines:

docusign permissions

If after reviewing the materials provided above you have questions about DocuSign, please send your question to: