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Young Artists Garden

49th Annual Fiesta Arts Fair

Lots of great stuff for kids of all ages!

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The Young Artists Garden is the place for kids and teens to get creative and make some art. Talented artists, with the assistance of volunteers, will guide participants through the hands-on creation of Fiesta medals and crowns, clay sculptures, stained glass, and more. Each activity requires four (4) coupons (each coupon costs $1).


  • Clay
  • Fiesta Crowns
  • Embossing Metal
  • Mosaic Art
  • Painting & Drawing
  • Monoprints
  • And More
  • Be sure to post your photo online with #FiestaArtsFair2023.


Where is the Young Artists Garden?
How do I pay for activities?
May I leave my child while I enjoy other parts of the Fair?
My child or teen wants more art! How can I get more information on classes at UTSA?
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