Select Your Favorite Virtual Background

We created several virtual backgrounds you can use for your Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings. Select your favorite custom image as your background during meetings. Show your Roadrunner pride with these UTSA-inspired images!

To get started, view the background images below, select your favorite, then click the image to download the file. The background file is automatically saved to your Downloads folder, but you do have the option to save it to a different location.

Before a meeting starts
  1. After logging into Zoom, select Settings on the left-side menu.
  2. Select Meeting on the top menu, the select In Meeting (Advanced) and scroll down to Virtual Background.
  3. Select Manage Virtual Backgrounds. Here you can drag and drop a new background file or use Choose Files to add them.
  4. Find your saved image and select it. Click Done.
  5. When you enter your meeting, click on the ^ next to Stop Video on the bottom left of your Zoom window and select Choose Virtual Background. A new window will appear.
  6. Select Background & Effects, then select a background and check Mirror my Video, then close the window.

During a meeting

  1. Click on ^ next to Stop Video on the bottom left of your Zoom window and select Choose Virtual Background.
  2. Select Background & Effects.
  3. Click the + on the right-hand side below the current image in your settings.
  4. Click Add Image.
  5. Find your saved image and select it. Click Add Image again to add another file.
  6. The image will appear as a virtual background.
  7. By selecting Mirror my Video in the video settings tab, the logo/image will appear backward to you, however, the users you are talking to will see it displayed correctly.
  8. Close the window.

Video: Backgrounds and Video Filters

Before a meeting starts

  1. Click Join on your Teams Calendar meeting.
  2. Select Background Filters, located just under the preview window. Your background options will display on the right.
  3. Click on Add new and select one image to upload from your computer. 
  4. Your new background will display in all meetings and calls until you change it again.
  5. The image and video on your screen will appear backward only to you as if you were looking in a mirror. Please note there is no further action needed from you to correct this as meeting attendees will see a correct non-mirrored image.

During a meeting

  1. To alter your background after you join a meeting, go to the top menu and select More.
  2. Select Video effects.
  3. Follow the same steps as outlined above, then click Apply.

Video: Change Your Background During a Teams Meeting