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Virtual Team Engagement

Stay connected with your team in a fun and engaging way with these virtual engagement activities. Each package includes shareable activities that encourage interaction and engagement on a virtual platform. 

Package 1

Join your team for interactive bingo! Share favorite music, food preferences and pet pictures.

  • Telecommuting Bingo
  • Share Your Playlist
  • Share your Furry Coworkers
  • This or That (Food Edition)
  • What's Outside Your Window?
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Package 2

How many can you cross off in Virtual Meeting Bingo? Swap opinions, book recommendations and wellness advice.

  • Virtual Meeting Bingo
  • My Favorites
  • Virtual Book Club
  • How Do You Keep Balance?
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Package 3

Send a coffee break invitation. Connect over games, photos and favorites in the Alamo city.

  • Virtual Coffee Break
  • Name That Tune
  • Share Your Throwback Photo
  • This or That (San Antonio Edition)
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Package 4

Dress in your best Fiesta outfit, share your streaming playlist and connect over UTSA experiences.

  • Fiesta Themed Meeting
  • Never Have I Ever (UTSA Edition)
  • What Are You Streaming?
  • What Was the Last?
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Package 5

Share your favorite recipes, Fiesta items and TV shows. Then test your reflexes with a fun team game.

  • Recipe Roundup
  • Name The Animal
  • Pick Your Streaming House
  • This or That (Fiesta Edition)
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Package 6

Show off your UTSA spirit, share telecommuting experiences and flex your film knowledge.

  • UTSA Themed Meeting
  • Never Have I Ever (Telecommuting Edition)
  • Name That Movie
  • Telecommuting Tips
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Package 7

Play a live scavenger hunt game with your team. Share tips, tell stories and pick a Texas house.

  • Pick Your Texas House
  • Share Your Wellness Tips
  • Show-and-Tell Meeting
  • Telecommuting Scavenger Hunt
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Package 8

Create a shared playlist. Test your San Antonio knowledge, then share your past and future goals.

  • Create a Team Playlist
  • San Antonio Trivia Game
  • What’s On Your Bucket List?
  • What Was Your First?
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Package 9

Take time to focus on wellbeing, share everyday victories and discover your personality type.

  • Post Your Hometown Location
  • Share Your Small Wins
  • Wellness Meeting
  • What’s Your Personality Type?
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