Strategic Plan

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The Business Affairs strategic plan connects directly to the university’s destinations, while simultaneously providing a clear map of outcomes and key initiatives in our division. Each department in Business Affairs is represented in the plan, with updates and accomplishments provided at key progress points throughout the year. Our strategic plan is centered on four key pathways that drive the efforts of our division.

Our Vision

Business Affairs will transform the Roadrunner experience and the future of our community through agility, collaboration and stewardship.


Strategic Plan Pathway One image
Pathway One
Business Affairs will innovate and provide exemplary service.
Strategic Plan Pathway Two image
Pathway Two
Business Affairs will cultivate an inspiring and empowering workplace.
Strategic Plan Pathway Three image
Pathway Three
Business Affairs will foster a safe and welcoming campus environment.
Strategic Plan Pathway Four image
Pathway Four
Business Affairs will connect and engage with the community.


Destination Connections

The Business Affairs pathways align with the university's three strategic destinations. Each pathway applies to one or more of the destinations, as shown below.

A graphic outlining the connections between the Business Affairs pathways and the university's destinations

Five-Year Update

Over the past five years, Business Affairs has reached significant milestones aligned with our strategic plan. Reflecting on these accomplishments indicates progress towards each pathway detailed in the strategic plan. Click each image below to learn more.

Looking Forward

As Business Affairs looks towards the future, there are many exciting projects on the horizon.

Looking Ahead


If you have questions about the Business Affairs strategic plan or key destinations, or if you have suggestions for future planning, please reach out to the VPBA Office