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Employee Separation Process

Admistrator Guidelines


Maintaining a simple, streamlined process for employees who are terminating is important in order to ensure:


  • Collection of University property (including keys, ID card, phones, library books and other property) and to settle any financial obligations to UTSA before employee has separated from UTSA.
  • Removal of room/building access.
  • Cancellation of network and business expense accounts, ProCard, etc.
  • Compliance with the Handbook of Operating Procedures, Chapter 4.14, Separation of Employment for UTSA Personnel.

I. Department's Responsibilities

  1. An employee who is terminating or retiring should submit a letter of resignation to their supervisor. The supervisior in turn should acknowledge receipt of that letter. Sample of supervisor acknowledgement letter.

  2. Complete Termination eForm:
    • Complete the form by answering all questions to the best of your ability. 
    • Please use the comments section for any additional information the Separation Notification Group (SNG) may need to know. 
    • Please do NOT include any confidential details of the separation.  This form only needs information to separate the employee.  Any specific details of the employee’s situation should not be included in this form.  If a department requires specific details they may contact the separating department or Employee Relations.

  3. Begin completing the Separation Processing Checklist. When the department receives notification(s) from the various SNGs, complete the 
    • Remaining sections of the Department section of the Separation Processing Checklist, sign the form.
    • Scan and email form to HR to

  4. On or before the separating employee’s last day of work, recover all university issued keys, ID cards, parking permit and property (laptops, etc.). Department will coordinate the return of the keys to Security Services. UTSA IDs and parking permits will be returned to Campus Services.

  5. IMPORTANT: Though access to many UTSA systems is controlled via the employee’s myUTSA ID and password, the employee may have access to systems which utilize their own authentication systems (such as STARS, Banner and AppWorx). If the employee has access to third-party systems that are not managed by a UTSA system owner (such as Survey Monkey, GoTo Meeting, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), coordinate with the employee to ensure those accounts are disabled, deleted or transferred to another employee. 

    Please review the employee’s access to UTSA systems and data and ensure appropriate action is taken to terminate access that is no longer necessary. Action may include disabling an account, deleting an account, modifying system privileges or changing passwords to shared accounts. This will reduce the risk of future unauthorized access by the employee or by an individual who gains access to the employee’s accounts. 

II. HR Responsibilities

  1. When the termination/retirement transaction is entered into PeopleSoft, HR will notify, via email, the following:

    • The Separation Notification Groups is comprised of the following departments; 
        • Banner Support: x6925
        • Disbursement and Travel Services Office: x4831
        • Fiscal Services: x8000
        • OIT Support Services (Help Desk): x5555
        • Inventory: x4844
        • Library: x7506
        • Campus Services – Parking & UTSACard x7275
        • Pro Card Compliance Office: x4059

    These agencies will notify the department contact, listed on the Termination eForm, informing them of required action (The department contact will then utilize the check-off list on the Separations Processing Checklist; Section I paragraph 3).

    • The Creator of the eForm to alert the Administrative Assistant to being the separation process.
    • The separating employees supervisor to insure that the separation process has been indeed initiative.
    • The separating employee referring s/he to the Separating Employee checklist ( if the separating employee is Benefits Eligible).
  1. If the Employee is Benefits Eligible, meet with the separating benefits-eligible employee and discuss benefits issues including future insurance coverages, COBRA, sick leave pool donations, payment for vacation/floating holiday and determine if the terminating employee will be transferring to another Texas State Agency and if so with or without a break in service.

III. Separation Notification Group’s (SNG) Responsibilities

  1. The SNG will receive an emailed notice of separation of employment from Human Resources.  As applicable, the group will handle the following:
    • Cancel all accounts associated with the separating employee. If employee is transferring to another UTSA department cancel accounts associated with the losing department only.
    • Review their records to determine whether or not there are any outstanding obligations connected to the separating employee.
  1. Email the department’s point of contact the following information as applicable;
    • Confirmation that all accounts have been or will be terminated on the effective date of separation
    • List of property that needs to be recovered
    • Confirmation that the separating employee has outstanding obligations that need to be settled, or is clear of any obligation


March 2020


Employee Separation

Processing Checklist

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