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Members 2018-2019


Twenty-nine of the thirty-five Staff Senate positions are divided proportionally amongst UTSA's functional areas based on the number of employees from each area. The remaining six positions are selected from Administrative & Professional (A&P) staff members from any functional area.

If a member changes positions to another functional area, they may resign from Staff Senate or complete their term under the functional area they were elected to represent. Senate members are listed below according to the area they were elected to represent.



Chair Elisa Perkins Honors College
Vice-Chair John Shaffer Graduate School
Secretary/Historian Sarah Soulek VP Academic Affairs, Provost
Parliamentarian Brandy Barksdale Advising Administration

Office of the President

Member Office Term Expires
Jaime Fernandez Audit & Consulting Services 8/31/19

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Member Office Term Expires
James Borrego Video Production Group 8/31/19
Monica Bowden College of Engineering 8/31/19
Ben Campos Department of Mechanical Engineering 8/31/19
Wanda Guntz Department of Biology 8/31/20
Linda Lankford College of Sciences 8/31/19
Mary Alice Morizen Department of Biology 8/31/20
Carin Norton College of Engineering 8/31/20
Elisa Perkins Honors College 8/31/19 (A&P)
Jeffrey Ragsdale Graduate School 8/31/19
John Shaffer Graduate School 8/31/20 (A&P)
Sarah Soulek VP Academic Affairs, Provost 8/31/19
Venetta Williams Department of Architecture 8/31/20

Vice President for Business Affairs

Member Office Term Expires
Joe Alderete Facilities Housekeeping 8/31/20
Andrea Chavez Facilities Business Operations 8/31/19
Paul Lozano Facilities Utilities Operation 8/31/18
Cynthia Orth Business Information Services 8/31/18 (A&P)
Mark Ottinger Facilities Operations & Maintenance 8/31/20
Kristee Phelps Environmental Health, Safety, & Risk Management 8/31/20 (A&P)
Eric Weber University Police 8/31/20
Maria Zayas Financial Services & University Bursar 8/31/20

Vice President for External Relations

Member Office Term Expires
Shashi Pinheiro University Communications and Marketing 8/31/19 (A&P)

Vice President for Inclusive Excellence

Member Office Term Expires

Vice President for Information Management and Technology

Member Office Term Expires
Jerry Smith OIT Application Development Support 8/31/20

Vice President for Research, Economic Development, and Knowledge Enterprise

Member Office Term Expires
Jason Vasquez Office of Research Support 8/31/20

Vice President for Strategic Enrollment

Member Office Term Expires
Morgan Beard Registrar 8/31/20
Erbey Garza Institute for P-20 Initiatives 8/31/19

Vice President for Student Affairs

Member Office Term Expires
Courtney Balderas Inclusion & Community Engagement Center 8/31/20
Vincent Genco Campus Services 8/31/20
Amanda Perez Student Activities 8/31/19
Kendra Pittman Admissions 8/31/19

Vice President for Student Success

Member Office Term Expires
Brandy Barksdale Resilience & Retention Advising 8/31/20
Sabina Bhattathiry-Kapoor Student Placement Advising 8/31/20
Matt Keneson Graduation Help Desk 8/31/20
Suzanne Stokes Advising Administration 8/31/20


Veronica Mendez VP for Business Affairs