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Strategic Planning and Assessment



Student Affairs departments plan and execute robust assessment plans for continuous improvement.  With strategies including surveys, focus groups, metrics tracking, and more, departments use information learning through assessment to guide decision-making and program offerings. 


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Assessment Champions

Assessment Champions assist specific Student Affairs units in planning their assessment strategies and provide consultation on a variety of topics.  Champions foster alignment between departments and lead divisional strategic planning and assessment efforts.


Jan McKinney
Executive Director of Communications and Administration, Student Affairs
Works with Divisional plans, metrics, and indicators

Jarvis Clark
Associate Director, Student Activities
Works with Student Actvities and Student Assistance Services

Jessica Dawson
Assistant Director, Leadership and Volunteer Services
Works with Leadership and Volunteer Services and Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice

Melissa Hernandez
Director, Counseling and Mental Health Services
Works with Counseling and Mental Health Services, Student Health Services and Office of the Dean of Students

Liz Rockstroh
Senior Associate Director, Student Union
Works with Student Union, Campus Recreation and Student Conduct and Community Standards


Student Affairs Work Plan

The work plan bridges the diverse functions within Student Affairs and synthesizes divisional efforts. Changes in campus operations were a catalyst for strategic growth and innovation setting the stage for the academic year.

The work plan focuses on key categories of development:

  • Digital resources and expanding the digital footprint
  • Anti-racism efforts
  • Wellbeing and student care
  • Staff and student organization training opportunities
  • Elevated assessment tactics and analytics

Student Affairs Department Leads

Campus Recreation
Andrew Chadick

Counseling and Mental Health Services
Melissa Hernandez and Cristina Villegas-Hernandez

Leadership and Volunteer Services
Eliot Howard

Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice
Brandi Scott and Ann Margaret Trujillo

Student Activities
Jarvis Clark

Student Assistance Services
Carol Gonzalez

Student Conduct and Community Standards
DeCarius Gillyard

Student Health Services
Amanda Graves

Student Union
Liz Rockstroh