There are a variety of ways in which Leadership and Volunteer Services recognizes the outstanding contributions of our students in the fields of volunteerism and campus leadership. We encourage students to nominate or apply to those that you feel are particularly deserving of these recognitions.

Current Recipients

Dean of Students Leadership Award — Katherine Rico

Katherine is currently a Graduate Student striving towards a Master of Science in Business boasting a 3.95 GPA. She is highly involved across the university, from creating, implementing, and leading a new mental health program for the Peer Health facilitators to planning an Art Gallery specifically for women artists during Women’s History Month, Katherine has gone above and beyond with being there for students as well as giving back to her community. Nominator Brandon says ” Katherine has committed her education, service, leadership, and work to serving people inside UTSA and the San Antonio community… She has devoted herself to being inclusive and advocating for equity among students and providing communities for all students.”

When asked what makes Katherine stand out from her peers, nominator Vincent stated, “I believe one of Katherine's best qualities that make her stand out from her peers is her reliability, trust, competence, and decision making… Katherine leads with integrity, is an active bystander, and a seeker of truth and knowledge.”

Katherine and LT

Sandra Cisneros Endowed Scholarship — Taiye Ojo

Taiye is a Nigerian, native-born Houstonian and a hard-working woman who’s incredibly passionate about health disparities and health inequities in minority communities; which is why decided to major in public health. As someone who was raised and surrounded by strong black women, she always wanted to do something that gave back to that community especially considering how overlooked, undervalue, and historically been treated.  

Taiye shares her most memorable act of service was Taking it the Streets; an event in which we pack meals for those who are displaced and unhoused in downtown San Antonio. Taking it to the Streets was particularly my favorite because I enjoyed how we were so quick to create a sense of community and connect with those who had amazing stories, lessons, and advice to share. The most challenging event was the migrant center because of the language gap; nonetheless, this was the most humbling experience that has taught me the most in critical thinking, patience, and it just overall allowed me to get to meet those with different types of experiences.