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The benefits of server virtualization are:

  • Improved server reliability and availability,
  • Lower total operational cost.
  • More efficient utilization of physical servers.
  • More efficient utilization of power.
  • Virtual machine creation: create virtual machine to customer's specifications for memory, CPU reservation, disk space and supported OS.

Some of the Features are:

  • Lower costs for Customers by reducing need for IT infrastructure purchases.
  • Enterprise scale virtual service infrastructure, including 8Gb Fiber Channel Fabric, 10Gb Ethernet Fabric, Multi-tiered Storage Array and Enterprise class Servers.
  • Proactive maintenance of all necessary infrastructure components including physical servers, networking, storage, and management software.
  • All virtual servers are housed in secure University Data Centers to take full advantage of redundant power, cooling, and facility support.
  • Redundant Ethernet connections to network.
  • Reduced downtime for physical infrastructure maintenance.
  • Backups & Recovery based on a two-week retention performed via daily snapshots of virtual machines.
  • Infrastructure monitoring: 24/7/365 monitoring of virtualization infrastructure.
  • Create Virtual servers to the customer's specifications for memory, CPU, disk space and supported OS.

Additional Features and Capabilities:

Consulting and advising on sizing and configuration of virtual servers as needed or requested by UTSA Faculty and Staff. Standards-based systems administration for OIT managed servers at no cost. For a consultation, please put in a Tech Cafe ticket or call 210-458-5555.


Please log into the UTS Portal to request a virtual machine. Once the request form is filled out, a technician will contact you with payment details.