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 Below are questions users will answer on the UTS Portal form when requesting self-provisioning. An email will be sent by a technician after the request is sent.

Server Questions:

Please select the role the server will perform.
   • What is the basic function of the server.

Please provide a valid account number with a verified approver.
   • What is the account number to draw funds from.

Please provide an account approver that will be used to verify funds. (Type the approver's name and click "Refresh" on the field below.)
   • Who can approve purchases with the account number provided.

Please provide the server owner. (Type the owner's name and click "Refresh" on the field below.)
   • Who should be contacted about this server for maintenance issues?

Please provide the server owners department.
   • What department owns this server?

Please provide the server owners phone number.
   • Phone number for server records.

Select a data classification.
   • Data classification of the data stored and accessed by the server.

Please select the network requirements from below.
   • What kind of general network connectivity does the server need?

Please describe any other network requirements.
   • Specialized network connectivity requirements for the server.

What name would be preferred for this server? Note: This name may be changed if taken previously or reserved.
   • Preferred name for the virtual server.

OS Selection.
   • Preferred operating system for the virtual server.

If other, please write OS name and version number.
• Name and version number of other OS.

Briefly describe the function of the server you are requesting.
   • Specific function of the server.

Please select a VM size.
   • Virtual hardware size.

If you require additional memory, select below.
   • Additional memory that is needed.

If you require additional vCPUs, select below.
   • Additional vCPU that is needed.

Please put sizes of additional disks separated by commas. Note: 100 GB costs $83.34 (Example: 100GB, 2048GB, 80GB)
• Additional disk that is needed.

Email questions:

What ports are required to access the server from the Internet?
   • What network ports are needed?

Give examples of data to be stored or processed on the server:
   • What kind of data the server will use?

Is Vendor access required? (Y/N)
   • Will an external vendor require access?

What type of Administrator account is required for server? (Local/Domain/None)
   • What kind of permissions are needed on the server?

Who is the application administrator?
   • Who will administer the application?

List all accounts used to access the application:
   • Who will access the application?

Are all default application account passwords changed/deleted? (Y/N)
   • Will account passwords need to be changed or deleted?

What authentication is used to access the application?
   • Domain or local accounts

How often are application accounts reviewed?
   • Monthly, quarterly, year, etc.

Is application data encrypted? (Y/N)
   • Will any application data be encrypted?

List installed software, including databases (Vendor name, Software name and version?
   • Include all installed software and their names.

What information does the application log?
   • Timestamps, access control, etc.

How long are application logs kept?
   • Number of days/months/years

Who reviews application logs and how often?
   • Person and number of days/months/years

Who has logical access to the server other than OIT Authorized Personnel?
• Is physical access needed?

What secured transport method is used for Vendor access (if required)?
• VPN access, direct connection, etc.

List open ports and associated protocols:
• Firewall settings, some will be mandated by OIT

List all accounts on the server and what they are used for:
• Local and service accounts.