Latest information on operational modifications for fall 2021 Roadrunner Roadmap

Committee Membership


Member Name Unit

Academic College Dean

David Silva

College of Sciences

Academic College Dean

JoAnn Browning

College of Engineering

Academic College Department Chair

Mark Leung

College of Business - Management Science Statistics

Academic College Department Chair

Nathan Richardson

COLFA – Modern Languages

Academic College Department Chair

Nicole Beebe

College of Business – Information Systems

Academic College Center or Institute Director

Dhireesha Kudithipudi

MATRIX Al Consortuim

Academic Support Unit Delegate (Leadership)

Ambika Mathur

Graduate School

Faculty Senate Representative

Chad Mahood

COLFA – Communications

Staff Senate Representative

Matt Keneson

Student Success

Student Government Member

Taylor Edwards


Auxiliary Unit Delegate (Leadership)

Clay Haverland

Campus Services

Administrative Support Unit Delegate (Leadership)

Sylvia Enriquez

People Excellence

Space Committee Representative

Jill Fleuriet

Honors College