Proposal Guidelines

SIF Funds Critical Strategic Efforts

The Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) Committee reviews proposals on a yearly basis to determine how each one supports our advancement toward UTSA's three destinations. The fund allows us to invest in critical strategic efforts that will serve the best interests of the university, and ensures we align our resources with the university's highest priorities.

To submit a proposal for FY2023, please fill out the Funding Request Form and email to

Strategic Investment Fund Uses

Strategic investment requests should support our advancement toward the three destinations, considered under the following categories:

Academic Programs & Research

  • New academic programs
  • Research equipment
  • Strategic research initiatives

University Initiatives & Programs

  • Revenue generation investments
  • Seed funding to promote progress toward destinations
  • Includes collaborative projects across unit types (e.g., college + support, or support + auxiliary, etc.)

Critical Infrastructure Investments

  • New IT systems
  • Major equipment
  • Space optimization (renovation) investments
  • Process improvement investments (systems or people)