Awards & Recognition

Awards Program

Awards are a meaningful way to recognize employee contributions, create a sense of belonging and positively impact institutional culture. The Business Affairs awards program is an important part of our larger recognition program and aligns with our strategic destination to cultivate a compassionate, inspiring and empowering workplace.

Area Awards

Each major area within Business Affairs recognizes outstanding employees on their teams through a quarterly award. Business Affairs team members are invited to nominate individuals and teams for these awards, with nominations accepted on an ongoing basis. Only UTSA employees (full-time or part-time) are eligible for these awards.

Student Awards

Business Affairs is excited to recognize exemplary student employees throughout our functional areas. Anyone can nominate students for awards in the following categories: Rising Star, Innovator, and Roadrunner Spirit. Nominations are accepted for student awards once a semester.

Nomination Forms

Access the nomination form for your department below.

Administration and Operations Nomination Form
Financial Affairs Nomination Form
Public Safety Nomination Form

Real Estate and Construction Nomination Form

All nominations are reviewed quarterly by area review committees using a rubric. Winners information is shared with the Office of the Senior Vice President for Business Affairs for recognition and to advance to the divisional award.

Area Award Winners

Administration & Operations - Strategic Communications - People Excellence Website Overhaul Team

  • Elyse Brown
  • Martha Hinojosa
  • Raina Perez
  • Ruben Ortiz

Campus Services - Housing Building Attendants

  • Herlinda Tovar
  • Debra Salas
  • Ana Cortes
  • Fidencio Oviedo
  • James Palmer
  • Sandra Sanchez
  • Marissa Willborn


  • Brian Montoya

Financial Affairs - Distribution Services Department

  • Diana Macias-Ollervidez
  • Javier Gonzales
  • Ed Garza
  • Debra Villanueva

Public Safety - Peer Support Team

  • Belinda Hernandez
  • BSCS Public Safety Officer George Dilworth
  • Cpt. Manuel Gutierrez

Real Estate, Contruction and Planning

  • Andrew Goodenough

Administration & Operations

  • Fire and Life Safety Team

Campus Services 

  • Moises Hernandez


  • Michael Cole

Financial Affairs

  • Elizabeth Bay

Public Safety 

  • Rochelle Jefferson

Administration & Operations

  • Andrea McClure

Campus Services

  • James Palmer


  • Robert Lopez

Financial Affairs

  • Bruce Williams

Public Safety

  • Self Defense Team

Real Estate, Contruction and Planning

  • Diana Almaraz


Division and University Awards

All department award winners will be automatically forwarded for consideration in the Business Affairs Impact Award. These special recognitions are offered once a year, with winners announced in January.

Awards Program

Winners from the Business Affairs Impact Award may be considered for the UTSA University Excellence Awards, contingent upon meeting eligibility requirements, which are hosted each April. Additional nominations are encouraged from all areas within Business Affairs for representation in the University Excellence Awards.

Business Affairs Award Winners

Congratulations to Bruce Williams, the winner of the first annual Business Affairs Impact Award!