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Celebrating Excellence

2016 - 2017 - First Quarter Recipient

Jessenia Skelton

The first quarter Celebrating Excellence Award goes to UTSA Police Department Director of Security Services, Jessenia Skelton. Jessenia manages a team of 12 accomplished and highly skilled employees assigned to Security Systems. Together, the staff is responsible for the security technology throughout UTSA.

Jessenia has a role in every new university building and renovation project and works closely with the project management team in security design to ensure better safety. She has promoted the department's vision to ensure that the University of Texas at San Antonio is the safest university in the state of Texas. She does this by motivating her staff, each considered a professional within their field of expertise, to provide input on new construction projects. Using the construction blueprints, Jessenia and her team identify the need for and placement of various security surveillance cameras, emergency telephones, and electronic card readers. The end goal is to provide the occupants of our buildings a safer and more convenient environment by taking advantage of the access technology available.

In addition, Jessenia is a master of time management with exceptional organizational skills. She meets with her team members weekly to discuss ongoing and future projects. She solicits ideas from her team members, encouraging them to contribute at greater levels of participation. She values the input of each specialist in completing the team’s  projects. She fosters a positive and motivating work environment, raising her section’s productivity to a level never before experienced.

She also encourages her staff to learn basic job functions associated with each of the team’s specialties so when an individual is absent, some level of assistance can still be provided. This has increased productivity and overall customer satisfaction. She doesn't hesitate to make changes when necessary as long as they will improve ongoing operations. UTSA Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Section (CIS) has solved many crimes using security cameras Jessenia and her team recently installed.

Director Skelton is also an exceptional communicator. She maintains open communication lines with the CIS. She always makes it a point to consult with the Support Services commander and the senior detective regarding the placement of security cameras to ensure that we obtain the best view that would provide the intelligence data necessary to fight crime.

Multi-million-dollar capital construction projects or multi-thousand dollar construction projects are given the same level of scrutiny to ensure nothing was missed in the initial design or pre-construction phase.

Jessenia is directly involved in every UTSA construction or renovation project regardless of how big or small it may be. This involves her attendance at numerous pre-construction meetings to ensure that each and every security component—i.e., security camera, emergency telephone or card reader—is in its proper place before she signs off on the security portion of the plans. Once her plan is finalized, she then partners with the assigned UTSA project managers and the contractors to incorporate these security measures into the final plan.

Any manager knows that to be successful you must have outstanding customer service. Jessenia understands this principle all too well, making customer service one of her top priorities. This accounts for the numerous kudos her department receives on a regular basis. Security Services is one of only a handful of UTSA departments that provides services to virtually every faculty and staff member. Jessenia and her team of professionals provide these services with a smile, each and every business day.

Security Services continues to maintain a high level of productivity while also maintaining a high level of morale, all due to the guidance and leadership Jessenia provides on a daily basis. That is why she has been awarded the first quarter FY 2016-2017 Celebrating Excellence Award.  

Congratulations to Director Jessenia Skelton and the entire Security Services team for keeping us safe and living our Guiding Principles.

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