Supplier Setup

How to Onboard a Supplier

PaymentWorks is the university’s automated vendor or supplier onboarding registration process that allows UTSA and your suppliers to exchange general company information on a secure and user-friendly platform. You can send out registration links via email to invite your prospective suppliers to participate with the onboarding registration process. Once user accounts are established, your suppliers have access to update their company profiles as needed, as well as view general invoice payment information at a glance. 

How Can Vendors Expedite Payments?

Direct deposit remains the most efficient payment method for all domestic vendors. When a vendor sets up their profile in PaymentWorks, they will be directed to provide bank account information.

Job Aids to Help You Set Up Vendors in PaymentWorks

Suppliers Can Access PaymentWorks Self-Service

Suppliers can access PaymentWorks to update their information at any time. We created the following job aid to assist you in the self-service platform.