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Business Affairs Guiding Principles

GPcompassWE CREATE positive change GPCreate

  • Innovation: encouraging ingenuity, creativity, and discovery.

    Positive change is necessary to refresh our processes, meet our customers' needs, and support Business Affairs employees. Business Affairs never loses sight of the fact that we can make more success happen by helping the university community to make better decisions, to function more effectively, to build more fulfilling work environments and relationships, and to minimize risks.

GPcompassWE PARTNER to deliver excellent serviceGPpartner

  • Excellence: commitment to delivering consistently high-quality service, teaching, and research through superior performance; and
  • Collaboration: working with others toward common goals while valuing teamwork, participation, and commitment to public service.

GPcompassWE RESPECT and care for each otherGPRespect

  • Respect: treating others with civility and openness, recognizing the dignity inherent in each individual;  and
  • Inclusiveness: fostering diversity and providing access to educational and socioeconomic opportunities for all - regardless of individual backgrounds and philosophies.

GPcompassWE VALUE and empower people GPValue

    Empowerment is the act of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behave, take action, and control work and decision making in autonomous ways. Empowerment is a philosophy that enables people to make decisions about their job. We recognize that Business Affairs employees who are valued and empowered will be most likely to live the brand and deliver the brand promise.

    • Sharing vision, goals and direction
    • Setting clear expectations - establish boundaries for empowerment
    • Providing frequent feedback
    • Listening & guiding
    • Giving opportunities for training & access to information
    • Rewarding & recognizing people  for empowered behavior
    • Demonstrate that we value employees and trust them to do the right thing

GPcompassWE DO the right thing GP Do

  • Integrity: adhering to a standard of core values at UTSA and ensuring that one acts in a fair and ethical fashion.
  • How we do business is as important as the business we do. Maintaining high standards means conducting university business ethically and legally. Sometimes when we are faced with difficult decisions, the right one is not always the most popular. Integrity is built and earned over time through our prompt honoring of commitments and fair dealing with all. We set the example for stewardship over university resources.

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