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Nomination Submission Process


Department Programs

Most Business Affairs department heads have their own programs to recognize outstanding staff efforts. These programs are designed to recognize the unique activities and contributions it takes to achieve progress toward their specific missions.

These programs include: Promoting Excellence in Facilities; HR Shining Stars, UTSA PD Annual Awards; and BRAVO (Financial Affairs)

When individuals are recognized by their departments for their efforts, the department head may submit the recipient as a nominee for the Business Affairs Celebrating Excellence program. The department head will write an endorsement of the nominee(s), explaining the impact of the nominee's actions and how that relates to the Business Affairs Guiding Principles.

Individual Nominations

Anyone working within or outside of the UTSA Business Affairs division can nominate a Business Affairs employee for recognition. Even people who do not work for UTSA can nominate a Business Affairs’ employee for this award. Read about the nomination process or the nomination form below.

Team Award Nominations

Anyone working within or outside of the UTSA Business Affairs division can nominate a small team comprising primarily Business Affairs employees for recognition. Nominations should describe how the team went above and beyond to meet or exceed the project or program goals and/or delivered extraordinary customer service. Read more about the nomination process or complete the nomination form below.

Celebrating Excellence Program

The Celebrating Excellence program committee receives several nominees each quarter. A committee evaluates each nominee package and makes a recommendation as to which had the largest impact or is the best contribution or demonstration of excellence of those submitted that quarter.

How It Works

  • You experience great performance by a Business Affairs employee.
  • Using online or paper form, you nominate the person (or team) to be recognized for an award.
  • Form is routed to the department head and reviewed.
  • If appropriate, submission is directed to VPBA Celebrating Excellence program by way of Human Resources.
  • Celebrating Excellence Committee, made up of representatives from each BA department, reviews submissions and makes recommendation on recipient(s).
  • VPBA reviews recommendation and makes final decision.
  • Recipient(s) presented with award

Nomination Form Individual
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Nomination Form Team  
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