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UTSA PeopleSoft Milestones and Plans for FY’17


We continue to take important steps to provide a more stable PeopleSoft platform for our university, and we want to share our progress as we bring this fiscal year to a close. We would like to thank our campus partners for their important contributions to the progress so far. There are several important upcoming projects for the new academic year.

Migrated forms to new SharePoint platform

  • Institutionally, UTSA decided to have all Office 365 products migrated to the cloud. This resulted in having to recreate our Interim Workflow Solutions for PeopleSoft processing in the new platform. This was completed in July 2016 and rolled out for use. Users may have noticed that travel processing was not transitioned over. Soon there will be added functionality within PeopleSoft for travel processing that will eliminate the need for the interim workflow process.   

Successfully launched ePro (Procurement Requisition) Workflow

  • Campus feedback during testing of ePro allowed UTSA to request several workflow modifications that have now become important business improvements for the requisition process.
  • Duplication of work that existed with the interim workflow process for requisitions have now been retired. Workflow in ePro provides the routing and approval of requisition documents at the Cost Center, Project ID via Principle Investigator (PI), Research Service Centers for those less than $15,000, and Purchasing for requisitions greater than $15,000.
  • We believe everyone who is involved in procurement, from the departments to the back offices, will see benefits. The advantages to offering a single platform with all pertinent business processes contained expedites workload and is a more efficient practice.
  • Additional new functionality is now available to provide the ability to search and review documents to determine whether a document is complete. This allows for necessary follow-ups within the appropriate area to ensure task completion.

Successfully launched Accounts Payable Workflow

  • During the implementation phase, campus departments were sought out in the testing of non-PO voucher workflow. Valuable feedback was received and ensured workflow was functioning as configured by UT Shared Information Services; this feedback also brought important workflow modifications that enabled important business process improvements.
  • Workflow was put in place for non-PO voucher creation by departments, it provides approval input at the Cost Center, Project ID via Principle Investigator (PI), and/or Research Service Centers. The approved voucher will then be routed electronically to Disbursements and Travel Services for processing.
  • Workflow for PO vouchers allows the creation of vouchers within Disbursements and Travel Services to be routed electronically to the supervisor level for approval.
  • The campus gains the benefits of:
    • A single business process where the creation and approvals are completed within PeopleSoft, saving time, reducing duplication and improving efficiency.
    • The ability to search and review documents to determine whether a document is complete and to follow up, as necessary, with the appropriate area to ensure completion.
    • New functionality will allow receipts, and other necessary documentation needed for approval, to be attached, while providing a method to collect all relevant documentation for each voucher. 

Time and Labor Tiger Team / Auto Enroll fixes completed

The cleanup of over 2,000 Time and Labor records were successfully processed by Shared Information Services. More cleanup will be performed by UTSA Time & Labor (Payroll) team. Once the project is completed, the back offices will have the ability to be more responsive to campus needs.

Process improvements coming in the next academic year

Formation of a Financial Affairs Users Group – to begin Fall 2016

Cash Advance Workflow – completion in Fall 2016

  • Workflow for Cash Advances will provide the recipient of a Cash Advance a single approval document process and route the advance to the employee’s supervisor for approval. No additional interim process will be required.
  • For all workflow processes, testing with campus departments has been underway with feedback resulting in UTSA requesting some modifications to the workflow that will provide a more expeditious method of processing.

Travel Authorization Workflow – completion in Fall 2016

  • Slated for Nov 1, workflow for Travel Authorizations will provide electronic approvals by the traveler’s supervisor, budgetary approver and project manager (if applicable).  No additional interim process will be required.
  • Expense Report Workflow – completion in Fall 2016
    Workflow for Expense Reports, including business entertainment and out-of-pocket expenses, will enable electronic traveler certification and approvals. All related receipts and documentation will be attached electronically for easy access and review.

Cognos Direct Data Load (Data Warehousing) – completion in Spring 2017

  • We are creating a secured encrypted “tunnel” so data can be directly pushed to our UTSA campus Oracle database. This will give Cognos (our reporting tool) access to more PeopleSoft data, giving us the ability to produce more robust reports and allowing us to distribute them in a more sophisticated manner. We will also see tremendous gains in the efficiency of the data transfer process.

Procurement enhancement for a robust marketplace experience – completion in Spring 2017

We’re implementing an integrated system with ePro requisition called SciQuest. SciQuest is an online procurement system designed to provide a more efficient ordering process through an easy-to-use marketplace front end. Data will transfer from SciQuest to the PeopleSoft Purchasing application(s) while offering a “shopping cart” experience to the end users. This should make the department purchasing process much easier and provide opportunities to do price comparisons online. 

Human Resource Forms Project – completion in Fall 2017

  • eForms, PeopleSoft solution that was  recently selected to allow for the creation of forms and workflow processes that will eliminate many of the HR interim workflow processes.
  • UT System leadership has committed resources to supporting this initiative; it is believed that significant time savings and efficiency will result for all UTShare campuses.
  • Over time, workflow for many processes will eliminate the duplicate entry points.  Some being considered now include:
    • Create benefits-eligible position
    • Pay-rate changes request
    • Benefits-eligible reclassification request
    • Salary supplement request
    • Create non-benefits-eligible position
    • Hire/rehire request
    • Modify position
    • Job record change
    • Faculty contract request

We truly appreciate the invaluable feedback and testing efforts our campus partners have provided for these important projects and business processes, and we hope we’ll be able to extend these alliances.  We look forward to another productive year in which we do our best to represent the campus’s needs to Shared Information Services and to formulate solutions and priorities that help each of you. We are beginning to see the results of those efforts and are confident we’re making progress towards achieving a stable system that has appropriate and necessary functionality to offer our campus users.