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UTSA Now Accepting Visa for Student Payments


UTSA students who want to use a Visa card to pay their tuition, housing, meal plans, and other fees now have that option. UTSA’s Financial Affairs team negotiated this agreement with Visa after years of trying to persuade the company to change its long-standing policy that made handling Visa cards more onerous and costly than other cards. Visa reportedly controls about 50% of the global credit card volume, with MasterCard at about 35%, so this change should allow more options for students, some of whom only have a Visa card. UTSA also accepts Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. 

Any departments that already accept Visa cards need no additional approval and have the option to pass along the fee to the cardholder. Further, the university departments that had not accepted Visa cards for payments in the past can now do so with flexibility that allows them to determine if they want to pass along the fees to the payer. Any fees charged will be similar to what purchasers pay currently for their transactions using other cards. Those departments should complete a new Departmental Cash Handling Request and Departmental Cash Handling Security Policy. Read about the updates to the policy for credit card discount charges.  Find information on Payments here

For more info, contact or call 210-458-8000.