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College Choice Ranked UTSA 29th


College Choice ranked UTSA 29th on its national list of universities with a “safety score” of 74.38. Its website explained that UTSA’s safety score resulted largely from the small number of crime and violence reports. College Choice ranks schools on their crime rates and also student health, wellness, security issues, and lack of parties. Campus safety also includes low rates of discrimination, a strong VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) presence, and a number of services and programs that maintain the holistic wellness of the students.
General safety grade is evaluated by:

  • The past three years of theft, assault, arson, and other offenses.
  • Anti-discrimination grade: This reflects the number of hate crimes reported by a school over the past three years.
  • Women’s safety grade: This reflects the overall VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) offenses that have occurred in the past three years, including domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault.
  • Party scene grade: This takes into account the number of drug and alcohol incidents a campus reported over the past five years.
  • Fire safety grade: This reflects the number of reported fires in the past three years.

College Choice’s website explains UTSA’s 29th ranking:
A number of our safest large colleges and universities are located in Texas, such UTSA: The University of Texas San Antonio. Though most of its solid safety grades come from minimal reports of crime and violence, it also helps that UTSA is home to three major security research centers, spanning cyber security to infrastructure assurance and education. UTSA also combines wellness, waste, occupational health, environmental safety, and administrative security in its approach to creating a holistically safe and healthful campus.

With nearly 30,000 students, the San Antonio campus in the University of Texas System is one of the largest universities on our list, as well as one of the biggest in Texas. Students have 130 undergraduate degree options, many of which are ranked among the best, and the university as a whole is often lauded as one of the best young (that is, under fifty years old) universities in the country. A lot of research is done at UTSA, especially in biology, microelectronics, computer technology, and the social sciences.

The University of Texas San Antonio is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Congratulations to UTSA’s Public Safety department for its excellent work in earning these high rankings.