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Taking Steps Toward a Healthy Lifestyle

Felix Abattam was born in Austin, Texas in 1985 and has worked at UTSA’s Fiscal Services for more than two years. Although he was a high school athlete, his weight had always been an issue. There had been many ups and downs. By the age of 27, Felix weighed 270 lbs. His health had gotten out of control, and his doctor recommended he begin a new healthy lifestyle. Felix’s journey to losing weight began with the Financial Affairs’ 2015 Step Challenge. Its objective was to reach 10,000 steps a day and at least 50,000 steps a week.

Felix took the challenge seriously and was not satisfied with only 10,000 steps a day…he wanted more. Felix joined the UTSA Recreation Wellness Center and continued to push himself. “I started going to the gym during my lunch hour and incorporated eating an assortment of fruits instead of the typical junk I was accustomed to eating prior,” he said. Felix made it a goal to run two miles every day. In a little over a year, Felix lost 100 pounds and now weighs 170 lbs. Felix’s motivation came mainly from his family. They encouraged him to make changes. “They weren’t always pleasant with words, but it was exactly what I needed to hear to encourage me to get moving.”

Dropping a vast amount of weight has improved Felix’s outlook on life. He has become more energetic and confident with everything he does. Felix says the key to success is never giving up, and he feels as motivated as ever. What keeps him going now is being able to achieve things he’s never been able to do before, whether running a few miles without stopping or doing pull ups. His ability to continue to accomplish physical feats keeps him going. Watch Felix tell his story here.

Felix Abattam’s Ten Thousand Steps: UTSA Wellness Programs

Felix Abattam Felix Abattam

Felix Abattam Felix Abattam