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Rowdy New U Calls for Diploma Dash Contestants

UTSA's Rowdy New U Wellness Program will sponsor 50 entries for the 33rd annual UTSA Diploma Dash this year, held on February 25, 2017. To have your entry sponsored, please join the Rowdy New U team.

To have your entry fee waived, you will need to participate in the 10k-A-Day program sponsored by UT Living Well. Alternatively, you will need to complete and submit a Fitness Passport to UTSA Wellness. More details and completion requirements for these programs will be given to you once you commit to joining the team.

Please respond by January 6 if you are interested in participating in this year's Diploma Dash.

*For more information about UT Living Well 10k-A-Day, please visit:
*For more information about Diploma Dash, please visit:
*For further questions about Diploma Dash, please email:

Kristee Phelps & Shannon Marquess
"Rowdy New U"--Wellness Program
(210) 458-6102